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Called to Share

We are blessed souls
Of this we are aware
Receivers of His love
We are called to share

In times of our rejoicing
Or valleys of despair
With brothers and sisters
We are called to share

Let us be attentive
To those in need of care
Outpouring of our talents
We are called to share

In harvest of abundance
Or famines find us here
In giving or needing
We are called to share

When our last breath is drawn
A place for us prepared
For its only by His grace
That we are called to share

What We Share

Let us recognize
To this day we bring
Through our thoughts and actions
That we share something

If we are frazzled
Our stress that we share
And at the root
A message of fear

Perhaps of frustration
Or anger we show
Our voice to the world
One of my ego

With a new direction
Let’s start with a prayer
Changing our heart
Of God’s love, be aware

Of blessings received
Gratefulness know
Gifts of the Spirit
This day to bestow