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My Love to Show

Oh, how I adore them
I want to let them know
My joy to send such gifts
Of my love to show

I set the birds to flying
In the sky to dance
To sing a sweet song
I hope they take a glance

I’ll fill the sky with light
In colors of beauty
I hope this gift they’ll notice
To stop and pray with Me

It’s my very nature
With miracles, amaze
I’ll shower them with blessings
In so many ways

Then I’ll send my Son
The One that I adore
Even if they kill him
My love I’ll still outpour

Allow Me to Show

Won’t you give me a chance
Allow me to show
How much I adore you
Your soul truly know

Just be aware
Allow eye to see
Blessings abundant
Bestowed unto thee

I’ll send you a sunrise
Birds sing a song
A friend in the way
To side walk along

In conversation
In spirit of word
Love of eternal
My wisdom be heard

Show Me the Way

Would You grant me the grace?
To show me the way
Your servant to be
A gift here this day

I’ve built up the walls
With my stubborn will
You’ve granted me love
But I’ve not moved still

I feel it too hard
Overwhelming me
Would You bless the steps
Of Your way to see

Please give me the strength
Of humility
A movement of faith
To inspire me