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A Sign Blessed

We all need connection
Of light to shine through
An intimate blessing
A sign blessed through You

One of our choosing
Agreement in kind
Which makes our Lord smile
Through our life, we’ll find

A sparkle on water
A cardinal to see
Honk of a goose
Or flowers beauty

And when we glimpse it
Know that it’s meant
To warm our soul
By His love it’s sent

A Bunnies Sign

Was blessed to greet this day
A soul of many years
With bag of craft supplies
Days purpose that she shared

One to make a sign
For her bunnies, sweet
Announcement of the two
When her neighbors, meet

She told me of their story
Of barn that they came from
We wondered what they’d do
When time of winter comes

Joy with her heart
Food and love of sharing
Her piece of kingdom built
Of God’s creatures caring

A blessing that she shared
Of simple joy, this day
May my witness be
The same for souls this day

Sign In the Way

Standing before me
In greeting each day
Stands an old tree
A sign in the way

Majestic in nature
Lets rising light through
Faith is its song
From deep root of You

Branches of lyrics
Reach out in praise
Encompassing all
Like Your Son did raise

Seeking the light
Strong through the years
My soul be of growth
Be of which appears