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Language of Silence

In our Gods’ great wisdom
That everywhere, be found
For He speaks a language
That’s without a sound

To go beyond our senses
To still our being, whole
In emptiness to listen
With the ear of our soul

Embrace of His silence
Where all can be heard
Language of the soul
Of Word beyond words

Known the unknown
Of deep intimacy
Of our inner dwelling
One Word of love to be

Bless Me the Silence

Bless me the silence
With my mind to clear
Real or imagined
Of thought dwelling here

Bless me the silence
In my heart to hear
Your dwelling within
And that you love me dear

Bless me the silence
In my soul of prayer
Of eternal peace
Free from all fear

Bless me the silence
In souls that appear
To listen in love
And to deeply care

Bless me the silence
To be fully aware
In heaven abiding
Of Your Presence to share

In Silence Consumed

The light is blessed
From sun to earth
As silence warms
The seed is birthed

The mouth is fed
To stomach sent
In silence filled
With nourishment

The word is read
From mind to heart
In silence soaked
Wisdom impart

When heaven’s door
Opens above
In silence be
Consumed in love

Words of Silence

Tongues of fire
Come to be
Oh let them fall
On you and me

To each of us
A voice unique
What is this language
That they speak?

A quiet way
Of blessed insight
For silence is
Voice of the light

If soul is true
Just love is heard
For silence is
Full of the Word

We Need Silence

We need silence to be
With God alone
In our inner room
Let His light be shown

To listen to Him
To Him let us speak
Deep in our hearts
His Word to seek

In silence, alone
With God, to be formed
To be renewed
And be transformed

For silence gives us
An outlook anew
Of wisdom in life
One of Gods’ view

For in it we’re filled
With God’s energy
That makes us do
All things, joyfully

“We need silence to be alone with God, to speak to him, to listen to him, to ponder his words deep in our hearts. We need to be alone with God in silence to be renewed and transformed. Silence gives us a new outlook on life. In it we are filled with the energy of God himself that makes us do all things with joy.” Mother Teresa

Bed of Silence

In a bed of silence
We come to rest
With a blanket of light
Our soul to be blessed

Warm in the comfort
Safe and secure
Finding in faith
Your love so pure

Into Your dwelling
Of grace to know
We surrender unto
A sweet letting go

A gift of this being
Of unspoken prayer
In building our trust
We add a layer

Space of Silence

Where is the silence
For Spirit to speak?
A focus this day
These spaces to seek

In Church or in sunrise
Within light of grace
When in His Presence
It’s a sacred space

In page of the Scripture
Of space between Word
To savor in soul
Let wisdom be heard

Blessed be the soul
Of practice to start
Of the space of silence
Within their own heart

Settle in Silence

Settle in silence
Relinquish control
Muscles relaxing
Surrender the soul

Being of dwelling
Drawing of deep
Drift in the flow
Of Spirit to seep

Languished in love
Comforts embrace
Gifts of the Spirit
Infused with grace

Benefits blessed
Beyond what we know
In mind and body
Of soul to bestow

Palette of Silence

Let us be attentive
May the soul be aware
For the voice of silence
Always speaks here

Though the sky be cloudy
Or darkness appears
The light of silence
Always shines clear

When feeling lonely
Do not despair
The Word of silence
Of His love is shared

The language of Presence
In the soul to hear
For the palette of silence
Forms the foundation of prayer

A Pocket of Silence

In a pocket of silence
Of this moment of time
To be in Your Presence
With an offer of mine

A gifting of love
To contemplate
To ocean eternal
Of Your love so great

A broken sinner
With will to concede
Showered in blessings
Of all that I need

A drop of the grateful
So dependent to be
A blessing of grace
Here dwell in me