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I Want

I want to hear silence
Its peace to impart
Spirit of stillness
Dwell in the heart

I want here a resting
A nesting of prayer
A binding with You
Nearer than near

I want to surrender
To offer my will
A needing so deep
Only You can fulfill

I want a desire
One of compassion
Sharing your love
One of Your passion

Four Walls

Alone, I find myself
Of four walls within
Question of the stirring
Where do I begin?

Thoughts are calling me
A little panic here
Find something to do
Silence to be feared

Quiet to be filled
With music or TV?
Look for book of reading
Distraction leading me?

Or treasure of moment
With God, just to be
A dwelling of soul
His gifts filling me

Souls Therapy

A resting in silence
Of solitude be
A healing of sorts
Of souls therapy

Into creation
Let breeze speak to me
A nature of calling
Of presence, the key

A slowing down
Into this moment here
Of whispers attention
Where God can speak clear

A cleansing of heart
Of simple beauty
The center is found
Of just you and me

Friend in Silence

Bless me a friend
So trusting to see
That we can rest in
Just silence to be

No word of filling
In an unspoken prayer
Through language of soul
Of solitude share

Perhaps in a sunset
Mountains majesty
Under starlight
Or waves of the sea

Spirits connection
Through chord of the three
A beautiful moment
Of intimacy

Still Be The Water

Sweet is the silence
A beautiful psalm
So still be the water
Of surface so calm

A simple reflection
One of the deep
Into the soul
Let this moment seep

A moving into
Contemplative prayer
A drawing of being
Of your presence here

In language of soul
Of simply to be
One within all
Through the love of thee

Silence is Found

How good it feels
When all that surrounds
In the quiet of nothing
And silence is found

Desire of soul
Of resting to be
Drifting of deep
Of just You and me

Truth the Word spoken
Connection restored
Of time to be loved
Faith reassured

Soaking of light
In peace let me go
To exercise soul
Of this silence to flow

Silence be our Friend

In this noisy world
A gift to us You send
May we be of seeking
Let silence be our friend

In time of practice be
We will come to know
Moments of familiar
Of Your Presence, show

Quieting the mind
Surrender be our choice
As truth is spoken clear
Turn to the inner voice

Carried in the soul
A buffering of peace
Easy of the dwelling
Of silence to release

Merton’s Keep Me in This Silence

Dear Father, I beg you
To let you keep me
In this sweet silence
A learning to be

Your word of peace
Your word of mercy
Your gentleness
To the world through me

That Your word of peace
May make itself heard
Where not possible
A long time not occurred

For the light itself
Contentment and Spirit
That these be enough
In You, let us share it

Merton’s, One Silence

Here today, dear Father
This blue-sky lauds You
Green and orange flowers
Of poplar, praise You too

Blue hills in the distant
Join with praise, ignite
With sweet-smelling air
Full of brilliant light

Bickering flycatchers
Praise with cattle lowing
Quails of whistle sweet
Together all are flowing

I too, Father praise you
With all, in alliance
Give voice to my own heart
And to my own silence

We are all one silence
And in this moment, see
A beauty of uniqueness
Voice of diversity

The Mist and The Silence

A blessing this morning
Our Creator here sends
Of mist and the silence
Embrace of two friends

Of vision unseen
Fear of unknown
Through Spirit of trust
The way is shown

A drawing into
Invitation to share
A binding within
A canvas of prayer

An offer of lifting
Submission of will
Rejoicing in the joining
One of soul still