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A Simple

A simple intention
Prayer, enter into
A blessing of time
To spent here with You

A simple location
In silence to be
Free of distractions
Within your beauty

A simple breathing
In stilling the soul
Allowing the body
To give up control

A simple being
Word only of love
An intimate binding
Through grace of above


Prayer of the Simple

Eyes of seeing simple
Shades of color blessed
Blossom of surprise
Beauty is professed

Ears of hearing simple
Attention to attune
A song resonating
Calling to commune

Soul of praying simple
Privilege just to be
Knowing all is grace
Pure serenity

Heart of loving simple
Judgment here to shun
His light shining through
Joy in God’s loved one

Practice of the simple
Allow soul to be free
In heart, mind and body
Let Spirit flow through me