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The Simplest Prayer

An offer of thought
Of the simplest prayer
One you can pray
Anytime, anywhere

Offered each moment
A gift that He shares
One of His Presence
He is fully here

He is “I Am”
A beautiful name
An offer of being
Right now, we can claim

Nothing prepared
No great program
Just three simple words
To offer, “Here I am”

Sing a Simple

Song a simple song of prayer
One of joy for God is here

In this moment here to be
For I love Him and He loves me

In stilling soul, distractions flow
Smile now and let them go

A practice now, of binding deep
Our quiet place in soul to keep

Throughout this day, return to prayer
Of flowing grace, Your love to share

Simple Lessons

In this crazy world
Let us return this day
When we were a child
Things we learned to say

When we cross the street
Or decision to appraise
Walking hand in hand
and to look both ways

These simple courtesies
Always keep in mind
Saying please and thank you
To be humble and kind

Think of the other first
Let Jesus’ voice speak through
Loving one another
Just as I’ve loved you

A Simple Prayer

Just a simple prayer
No words of the needing
Find a silence space
With a will, conceding

Acknowledge here His Presence
Jesus of believing
Letting all else go
And be of the receiving

Being His beloved
Cherished and adored
Soaking in the heart
His perfect love, outpoured

Know it in the soul
This truth of treasure true
A transforming love
Will change Your whole life’s view

A Simple Morning

A simple morning
Sweet the bird sings
A soft gentle rain
Of blessing it brings

Colors of autumn
A masterpiece
Embrace of surrounding
In gifting of peace

Warm the light filters
In love that it flows
A calling of stillness
That the soul knows

A prayer to fall into
A knowing of grace
For I see You
All over the place

A Simple Building

A simple building
Constructed of wood
Hand crafted devotion
For years, it has stood

On ground of the holy
In soul it is known
Ingrained in this space
A sacredness shown

Rafters infused
With incense of air
Pews have been soaked
With humble prayer

Inner light shines
With sweet adoration
Easy the way
To contemplation

A Simple

A simple intention
Prayer, enter into
A blessing of time
To spent here with You

A simple location
In silence to be
Free of distractions
Within your beauty

A simple breathing
In stilling the soul
Allowing the body
To give up control

A simple being
Word only of love
An intimate binding
Through grace of above

Prayer of the Simple

Eyes of seeing simple
Shades of color blessed
Blossom of surprise
Beauty is professed

Ears of hearing simple
Attention to attune
A song resonating
Calling to commune

Soul of praying simple
Privilege just to be
Knowing all is grace
Pure serenity

Heart of loving simple
Judgment here to shun
His light shining through
Joy in God’s loved one

Practice of the simple
Allow soul to be free
In heart, mind and body
Let Spirit flow through me