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Help from Drowning

If you found them drowning
Tell me, what would you do
Foot trapped in the seaweed
Attempt here a rescue?

When did approach them
Help them you did try
But they fought and kicked
Would you leave them to die?

You would be persistent
You’d turn to God to pray
Perhaps the help of others
You would find a way

Why would it be different
With them, stuck in sin
Oh Lord, please guide our way
This day let us begin

More Goodness Than Sin

A look in the mirror
As this day begins
Please help me to choose
More goodness than sin

A prayer of deep needing
Of Your love herein
A hear of desire
More goodness than sin

Encounters this day
May I see within
The view of my brother
More goodness than sin

In a world of darkness
A battle to win
May we celebrate
More goodness than sin

And when I fail
Let there be no chagrin
Through my Lord Jesus
All goodness no sin

Hard to Sin

In lights morning blessing
Shared abundantly
No thought of selfishness
Or in the heart, envy

With gaze on horizon
To flow with the sea
Easy acceptance
No judgment to be

Through love sacrificial
When serving the needy
Filled with your joy
The hearts’ not greedy

At the foot of the Cross
Let all sins here flee
Transformed by our Lord
To live lovingly

When in Your Presence
Within loves embrace
It’s hard to sin
When focused on grace

Not Feeling Holy

Today I don’t feel holy
Not sure what to do
Let me take that back
And come to prayer with You

With much apprehension
For sins I must confess
With yesterday’s behavior
I was not at my best

Was self-justifying
Without a humble heart
Bitterness was flowing
Bad attitude impart

Lord, I’ve no excuse
Would You forgive my way?
Bless me a clean heart
Flow through me today

Go and make amends
Repent and path align
For holiness is found
In the grace you’ll find

Cleaning Today

Decision of this day
Place it in a bin
All that’s not of You
My selfishness of sin

Toss it out the window
Throw it in the trash
Disposing of the garage
Burn it all to ash

Pour it in the ocean
Wash it down the drain
Committed to the cleaning
No pause to complain

Though the best intention
All this I cannot do
For I need a Savior
I’ll depend on You