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Sit in The Sunrise

Let’s sit in the sunrise
And bask in the light
A warming of joy
To shine with delight

Let’s rest in the silence
And dwell in Your peace
A filling of calm
All burdens release

Let’s join in creation
And sing of our song
A binding of love
To which we belong

Let’s pray in the moment
With Presence to be
With gifts of the Spirit
So grateful are we

Sit With Me in Silence

Mode of communication
Of intimacy
Sitting here in silence
Time for us to be

Comfortable in knowing
I love you as you are
Nothing here in proving
No false avatar

Resting in just presence
Acceptance here surround
Moment that just is
In grace that now abounds

Binding with the Spirit
That draws us into You
Unspoken Word of love
Is known spoken true