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A Sitting of Silence

A sitting of silence
A purpose of prayer
Of settling soul
Of dwelling so dear

Surrounding of Spirit
Awareness of air
Breath of the breathing
Of holiness here

Lord gently loving
Divinity dwells
Gratitude growing
Sacredness swells

A blessing beyond
Gifted in going
The Spirit to share
With soul of the showing


Stilling, stilling
Soul be willing
Drawing in
The love of You

Praying, praying
Love conveying
Safe within
The peace of You

Dwelling, dwelling
Soul is swelling
Soaking in
The joy of You

Being, being
Love so freeing
Saved within
The grace of You

Sharing, sharing
Soul of caring
Gifting of
The way of You

A Sitting

I sit here in knowing
Ahead is unknown
Wisdom reflecting
Past graces shown

I sit in fearing
Of what lays ahead
A prayer offering
May this sheep be led

I sit here in silence
Awaiting Your Word
Light now arising
Of only love heard

I sit here receiving
A child of need
Gifts of divine
With faith now proceed