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Sky of Soaking

A stirring of wonder
A thought of invoking
Your love of outpouring
Through the sky of soaking

A touching of warmth
Ignite colors bright
Our eyes can see
Through the soaking of light

Blessings outpouring
The clouds can’t contain
The whole earth is nourished
Through the soaking of rain

A grace You bestow
Any time anywhere
Our soul can know
Through the soaking of prayer

Prophet of the Morning Sky

In sky above
Of gentle hue
The prophets voice
Speaks in the view

In life ahead
Find both be true
In joys of pink
And sorrows blue

Within our prayer
May fears subdue
As blessed light
Comes shining through

A path this day
Let us pursue
In sharing both
In love with You

Night Sky

When the sun sets
And light disappears
God reveals to us
There millions more out there

If sun always shown
We’d never see
The shining stars
Of universe be

Silence sets in
Such comforting sounds
Easy of resting
In peace that abounds

In the night sky
A palette to wonder
A time set aside
To practice to ponder

View of consuming
Of infinity
A being of

Last thought of the day
Of my greater to see
That there is much more
Than just about me

Open Sky

In mountains and prairies
And ocean of blue
The open sky calling
A drawing to You

Eyes of the lifting
Soul follows along
Of “me” dissipating
In One we belong

Soul of the freeing
Of drifting above
Spirit of binding
Breathing His Love

A simple glance
Opens the door
A practice of turning
Desire of more

Of Grays, Pink and Blue

Arise into morning
Of horizons view
In colors presented
Of grays, pink and blue

An intimate setting
Subtle of hue
Peace is prevailing
Of dwelling into

A palette prophetic
Of wisdom flows through
Of life’s’ joys and sorrows
A moving preview

Prepare now the soul
Your wisdom pursue
In pathway before us
May we share it with You

Sky Meets Earth

Where sky meets the earth
Horizon we see
Seems so far away
But another way be

For it’s an illusion
For the world is round
The sky touches here
In air that surrounds

We breathe it in
Through us it flows
Within and without
A truth here to know

Same is of heaven
It’s not of above
It flows through us
When soul breathes His love

Colors of the Sky

Pause to think about
Of feelings to impart
How colors of the sky
Flow into the heart

Wake up into morning
Find a sky of gray
Feeling disappointed
Downcast here this day

Looking to above
Into sky of blue
Happiness descends
Optimistic view

Sunrise or sunset
Colors set ablaze
Turn into the painter
Wonders to amaze

Let us add a filter
Through God into prayer
Listening with soul
His way spoken clear