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Sky of Soaking

A stirring of wonder
A thought of invoking
Your love of outpouring
Through the sky of soaking

A touching of warmth
Ignite colors bright
Our eyes can see
Through the soaking of light

Blessings outpouring
The clouds can’t contain
The whole earth is nourished
Through the soaking of rain

A grace You bestow
Any time anywhere
Our soul can know
Through the soaking of prayer

Absorbing and Soaking

The flower petal opens
To receive the light
Through absorbency
Shines its’ beauty bright

The roots of trees seek
A soaking so deep
Through the cold winter
Its faith to keep

The lungs of the body
Draw the fresh air
Breath of the living

The soul of desire
Let the Spirit speak
Absorbing and soaking
Breath of life seek

Soaking, Molding, Shining

A sponge that’s hard and dry
Parched that it has been
Let living water flow
Soaking it all in

A solid lump of clay
Knows not what it can be
Let Your hand of love
Mold it tenderly

That of wax and wick
A simple candle light
Ignite with Spirits flow
Shining Your light bright

A soul of the needing
Presence flowing through
Soaking, molding, shining
Bless me, all of You!