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Solitude to Community

From our solitude
A blessed knowledge, be
Flows the truth that God
Loves us perfectly

Into community
For our faith to grow
To know the same love here
Let that expectation go

And find that the person
That is annoying too
Which you least want to live
Is living with you

There is always someone
To an irritating degree
Realize for another
That person could be me

One person’s not the problem
We each cause suffering too
Without even wanting
Or knowing what we do

Let’s all come to realize
That a community
Is not an ideal place
Of total harmony

If offers us the place
To love one another
And to receive that love
And care for the other

In Solitude Seeking

In solitude seeking
Of nature’s view
Let the soul be
In being with you

intentional dwelling
be in the scene
Let the soul listen
in silence serene

One of receiving
Of Spirit be heard
Let the soul let
As love is the Word

Way if the shaping
Sweet transformation
Let the soul mold
Be of Your creation

Lady of Solitude

Lady of solitude
Fragrance of peace
Pray with me now
All fear to release

When worries arise
Just let it be
A whisper of wisdom
That you are free

A garden of beauty
Surrounding in prayer
The Spirit arising
Of offering here

Guiding the way
Grace of bestowing
Encounter within
Lord of the knowing

Solitudes’ Blue

In shades of this morning
A blessing of view
Sweet of reflection
In solitudes blue

With feelings so low
Deeper the colors
For us to know

One of the calming
Of humility
Through prayer of turning
United we be

In one desire
Earth and heaven align
Through His gift of grace
Alignment we find

The Mist and The Silence

A blessing this morning
Our Creator here sends
Of mist and the silence
Embrace of two friends

Of vision unseen
Fear of unknown
Through Spirit of trust
The way is shown

A drawing into
Invitation to share
A binding within
A canvas of prayer

An offer of lifting
Submission of will
Rejoicing in the joining
One of soul still

Silence In You

Softly, so slowly
Subsiding into
Solitudes sweetness
Silence in You

Peacefulness pouring
Pure love so true
Powerful Presence
Praying in You

Angels accepting
Arising anew
Adrift in above
Abiding in You

Lulling light lifting
Luscious of hue
Letting in love
Longing in You

Solitude and Community

(Based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Through the discipline
Of solitude, seeing
We discover God’s space
In our most innermost being

Through the discipline
Of community
We discover Gods’ space
In our life, you and me

Both disciplines belong
Realization embrace
Within and among us
Are the same space

In that space divine
God’s Spirit prays
Let us seek it
All of our days