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Something of Greater

I went for a stroll
On some beautiful land
I found something greater
Then just where I stand

I help serve some soup
Into eyes I did see
I found something greater
In our community

I dwelt in a prayer
And drifted above
I found something greater
In his presence of love

Ingrained in our soul
A desire to be
Something of greater
Then just of me

Being Something Beautiful

Being something beautiful
Beginning with a prayer
To feel His love surrounding
And know that truth so clear

Being something beautiful
An easy thing to do
Surrendering to God
And let Him transform you

Being something beautiful
Let us each proclaim
For we are in God’s eyes
All one in the same

Being something beautiful
Can be found right here
Through blessing of His presence
Grace is everywhere

Being something beautiful
Our message, let it be
The Word to every soul
In them is what we see

Being something beautiful
Our joy this day to share
With our unique own giftings
With a heart to care

Something in the Sunrise

In waking this morning
To pray for you this day
Something in the sunrise
Said all will be OK

Found within its beauty
All worries to release
Something in the sunrise
Spoke a gift of peace

A moment of message
For us to see
Something in the sunrise
Of blessing covers thee

For those of great faith
Knows whatever will be
Something in the sunrise
Shines of God’s glory

Something in Nature

There’s something in nature
That moves me to see
One of perspective
That it’s not about me

From grandeur of vista
To the smallest seed
A wonder of beauty
Of the heart to feed

Sounds of embracing
Of soft waters flow
Birds song of praising
A gentle breeze blows

A time of allowing
Through the unknown of eyes
A joy in the soul
Of blessings surprise

A sacred mixture
Of light, life and air
The Spirit of being
Of the soul is aware

A re-centering
Part of the greater
Moving from the created
To the Creator

Something of Here

Taking a moment
To breathe in the light
In this being here
All seems just right

Something is here
In drawing of deep
Within letting go
The Spirit now seeps

A drifting beyond
Within of above
Where I want to be
In gifting of love

The answer unto
Of searching to find
The something of here
Your Presence divine