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A Song Lord

Bless me a song Lord
A psalm, soft and clear
That you love me so
My soul longs to hear

Bless me Your peace Lord
Remain ever near
Be my protection
Cast away fear

Let me trust you Lord
My soul be aware
That all that I need
Is that You are here

Help me to serve
Compassion to care
Outpouring of love
The joy that we share

A Song While Still

A song while still
The sunrise sleeps
That sparks the birth this day

A filling be
Of emptiness
That usher’s night way

A flowing song
That stills the soul
A symphony surrounding

The sweetness
Of the birdsong
Their praises here abounding

A song within
Of binding be
In Spirit here of knowing

In gratitude
Of love You share
Ahead Your gifts bestowing

A song of joy
Of light to shine
Instilling peace to share

Rejoicing in
The love of You
In binding everywhere

Song of Love

Sing to me a song of love
A grace to soul impart
A flowing gift of peace
Stirring in the heart

One found in the stillness
Of the dawning light
A gentle voice of silence
Connection of delight

Let soul sing along with You
With Word that You inspire
Binding sweet of lyric deep
One of souls’ desire

Carry now this tune to be
Move other souls to say
Share me this song of love
For us to sing this day


Sing to me a morning song
One of something sweet
Wrap in the light of love
A birthing of retreat

Sing to me a melody
One within the Word
Flow Your truth within my heart
Where only love is heard

Sing to me a joyous psalm
One to praise Your name
Bless me in the Spirits gifts
My true purpose claim

Sing to me your own song
All throughout this day
Proclaiming of the love of God
Through gifts within the way

Peepers Song

Soothing of the deep
Sound familiar brings
That is found within
The peace that peepers sing

Lyric of persistence
One of community
Hidden of the little
A simple prayer to be

Covering of darkness
Voice of comfort known
Rhythm of heart beating
That we are not alone

Hope in breath of Spring
With hymn of solemn praise
That soon by grace of light
All of the earth to raise

Chord of Grace

Something in your song
Strikes a chord of grace
Easy be the drifting
To another place

One of souls’ connection
A gift of Spirit share
That of heavens echo
Message flowing clear

Past our knowledge knowing
Through Word, and rhyme and tune
Blending of the three
Our being to commune

Let us dwell within it
Of the way to lift
Through fragrance of the Spirit
The blessing of your gift

Song of the Soul

Deep within our being
Our treasure to be found
The Divine directing
Love within it’s sound

In silence of the soul
A masterpiece is played
One uniquely crafted
Beautifully arrayed

Song of own soul
For our heart to sing
Shining of the light
Piece of kingdom bring

Let us dwell within it
In prayerful time to be
Raising of our song
Singing joyfully

Song and Rhyme

What is the song?
What is my rhyme?
That You’ve inscribed
In this soul of mine

One of true self
Crafted in prayer
Spirit descends
Making all clear

Found in the joy
Of eternal peace
Hope through the love
Of Your joy increase

Come let us go
In Your way unite
No holding back
Shining Your light

Song In The Heart

Pausing in this new day
Before it even starts
Searching for the song
Arising from the heart

In a quiet moment
With our God to share
In the depth of soul
And bringing it to prayer

Be it joy or sorrow
Loneliness or fear
Acknowledging the feeling
And being with Him here

Binding in the light
Let Him dwell within
Listen for the new song
Let it now begin

Carrying the tune
With Spirit of the way
Knowing that He singing
With us here this day

Song Echoes On

Morning bird singing
A wordless tune
Drawn by its beauty
The heart here communes

Only to listen
Of need letting go
Rising and falling
A drifting to know

When it has ended
A seeking to spawn
In song of the soul
Its peace echoes on

As of our prayer
It’s beauty to see
Binding of sharing
One just to be