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A Special Soul

We’ve all come across them
A blessing of the way
Such a special soul
That brightened up our day

Sharing of the message
They carry in their heart
Of God within their life
A joy to us impart

Connection of the greater
Of our soul to lift
Our God truly knows
They are to all a gift

Light glows all about them
And flows to us too
I hope that you do know
That special soul is you


Light and Soul

Shimmer, shimmer
Dawning light
Capture soul
With pure delight

Glimmer, glimmer
Middays light
Encourage soul
To do what’s right

Simmer, simmer
Noon days light
Dwell in soul
Spirits insight

Dimmer, dimmer
Flows the light
Rest the soul
In coming night

Stilling the Soul Softly

View before my eyes
One of such beauty
Something of beyond
Here is calling me

Words of wisdom whisper
Slowing into now
Stilling the soul softly
A gift that You endow

Waters of the calming
Letting the light flow
Consumed in absorbing
Connection to bestow

A prayer into being
Flowing past the will
Peace born of creation
A blessing You instill

Set Soul Adrift

Unto horizons water
Of mornings gaze to lift
Into stilling silence
To set the soul adrift

Prayer of will to offer
Of compass guide to You
In moment of alignment
Is all that we can do

Peace of dissipating
Flowing into One
Binding of consuming
To let Your will be done

Burst of sunrise glory
Sets surface all aglow
In colors of rejoicing
Your precious grace, bestow

Souls Therapy

A resting in silence
Of solitude be
A healing of sorts
Of souls therapy

Into creation
Let breeze speak to me
A nature of calling
Of presence, the key

A slowing down
Into this moment here
Of whispers attention
Where God can speak clear

A cleansing of heart
Of simple beauty
The center is found
Of just you and me

Praying Her Soul Still

Won’t you rest with me
In sunrise of beauty
She starts rushing around
Just can’t sit and be

Jesus foresaw it
With love his story
Of too much Martha
Not enough of Mary

Life out of balance
No time of Divine
Feeding of soul
Of nourishment fine

An offer, beloved
Desire to fulfill
Oh Spirit descend
To pray her soul still

Lead a Soul of Faith

In dwelling of the Word
Spirit of the flowing
Inspiration born
Truth is of the knowing

In prayer of You and I
Sweet divinity
Perfect love is blessed
Taste of eternity

In way of the living
Of journey, now to grow
Story of the sharing
You’re with me, here I know

In love of the “I Am”
And “Is” of beauty see
Leads a soul of faith
In trust of the “To Be”