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Well with My Soul

Stilling now, my soul, my soul
One of simple prayer
You love me, I love you
It’s good that we are here

Quiet now, my soul, my soul
Of centering to be
Dwelling of the Spirits glow
Letting You find me

Open now, my soul, my soul
Of Presence to receive
Your love permeating
So easy to believe

Offer now, my soul, my soul
Letting it all go
Into trusting hands
Faith that you bestow

Listen now, my soul, my soul
Let Spirit guide this day
Though the cross be heavy
Blessed be the way

Grateful now, my soul, my soul
God of goodness, true
Let Your love move my soul
To share the grace of You

Healer of My Soul

When I’m feeling broken
Lord, you make me whole
Oh I am so grateful
My healer of my soul

When my troubles find me
In pain or of fear
My rock and my foundation
Lord your always here

You heal in many ways
With unfailing love
Cast away all sin
With mercy from above

Blessing gifts of Spirit
Showering of light
Peace and hope and joy
Lifts our spirit bright

We Have a Soul

A question to answer
With our being whole
Acknowledge the fact
That we have a soul

Of greatest importance
For us to see
For it will exist
For eternity

Of greatest importance
For us to care
Let us commit
Of it to take care

Of soul to nourish
With prayer to be fed
With Word and love
Of Your living bread

To exercise
In serving the poor
With gratefulness deep
Our God to adore

Above be the binding
To humanity
For love will exist
For eternity

Every Soul Seen

Encounters ahead
Prepared this day
Bless me a thought
To hold onto this day

You love this soul
Completely, right through
Letting nothing stop
Me from loving them too

Each one beloved
Is precious to You
Crafted uniquely
In Your image, true

With gaze of the heart
Let’s practice here
Accepting as One
In a silent prayer

What Does the Soul Need?

What does the soul need
To begin each day
Beauty, silence, stillness
Ingredients to pray

Light of inspiration
Air that’s fresh and clean
Moving of the colors
Spirit which to glean

A setting full of wonder
A palette full of peace
Embrace of love extends
For souls will to release

A drawing of pause
To contemplate
Treasures of heaven
Here now awaits

God of gracious patience
Always pursuing you
If today You pass Him
He seek tomorrow too

What’s the Souls Substance?

Is the soul water?
Is the soul light?
One thing we know
It’s Gods delight

Is it an emotion?
Right here or above
We find in its dwelling
A being of love

Is it who we are?
Or who we’re to be
Source of our life
Of eternity

What is the substance?
Let our thought advance
For a better questions’
What’s its sustenance?

Duties of the Soul

For matters of the soul
Things that we can do
Let us make it simple
Duties, there are two

The first is to wonder
Open to surprise
To be filled with awe
Unseen and with our eyes

Second, is to gently
Let go and let be
For our God is sovereign
Place our trust in He

Always taking pleasure
In gifts that He provides
Dwelling in the Spirit
In Him let us reside

The soul must perform two duties. The one is we must reverently wonder and be surprised; the other is that must gently let go and let be always taking pleasure in God.
~Julian of Norwich~

When the Night

When the light fades away
Autumn finds its chill
Darkness fills the sky
To leaves the colors spill

When the crescent moon
Takes its position back
Time for stars to shine
On a palette black

When the air is still
In space the light enjoyed
A song of silent psalm
Slips in to fill the void

When the prayer is felt
Peace consumes the night
Body finds its rest
The soul is tucked in tight

There Was

There was a sunrise this morning
A wonderful gift blessed by You
A soul stood in awe of its beauty
And let the colors flow through

There was a soul touched this morning
Surrounded in quiet of view
One of divinity drawing
Connection of love shared by You

There was a prayer offered this morning
Response of a soul blessed anew
A binding of grace shared in moment
How gracious the glory of You

There was a soul sent this morning
With joy of a purpose so true
Walking with Spirit of lifting
To share the giftings of You

Here is a soul of returning
Of things not done and failed to do
Welcomed back into Your arms
Falling into the mercy of You

Soul Realigned

Embrace of my soul
Intentional plan
Of placing it gently
Into Your hands

A tender caress
Love to impart
Touching of cheek
Drawn into Your heart

Into Your ocean
Of grace and of love
Dwelling within
Of heaven above

Restoring the whole
Time to conclude
Soul realigned
A body renewed