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Only One

See a soul before me
A question is unfurled
Just what if they were
The only in the world?

I’d view in amazement
That they could truly be
Want to get to know them
With curiosity

Sit and watch them moving
Limbs coordinate
Mind be fascinating
Processor so great

Decisions all about them
The clothes they chose to wear
Their story that they carry
Path that brought them here

Interesting their passions
Heart molded by love
A needing to be needed
A binding seen thereof

Viewing even more
Deeper of insight
Inside is a soul
Spark of our God’s light

Creation of such beauty
A treasure here to see
Why our God adores them
Same be true of me


Time of the Soul

Of blessed moments
The losing of me
In time of the soul
We truly can be

Birth of the new day
Of sunrise to flow
Moves into being
Connection to know

Deepest of silence
From a mountain peak
View of perspective
For the soul to seek

Horizon of ocean
Comforting waves
Drifting beyond
Of what the soul craves

Into unseeing
Time of our prayer
So Holy the presence
Beyond all compare

Soul of dwelling into
Something of the greater
Beautiful to be
One with our creator

Mind, Heart, Soul and Body

You take a mind confused
Of world view to see
Through wisdom of Your view
Gift faith of mystery

You take a heart that’s broken
Sorrow too much to bear
Mend it in Your love
Bind it in Your care

You take a soul that’s lost
With no direction found
Hope instilled with joy
Your Spirit to surround

You take a body stressed
Consumed with worried fear
Gift Your peace eternal
Found You’re always near

Mind, heart, soul and body
Bathed within Your light
Making all things new
Alignment that is right

Souls Desire

From cloudy day
Of darkened morn’
An open door
To You adorn

To light that draws
The inner way
A blessed gift
With You to pray

Of Presence full
The soul consume
Let Spirit bloom

With daily view
A lifting higher
Your gift bestowed
Of souls desire

Our Journey

I speak of my journey
My way of the soul
Important decisions
One I control

You have a plan
A journey to be
Each day anew
Your Spirit guides me

In prayer reflection
A balance to see
A given free will
And divinity

Let’s speak of our journey
Your light to foresee
A prayerful reflection
One shared with thee

Soul Before Me Here

Lord bless me a gifting
An answer to this prayer
That I see the treasure
Of soul before me here

Let me see as You
The beauty that they be
Let all attention focus
Upon them, not of me

Let all hurry pass
Upon them let me dwell
Compassion of the heart
Their story let them tell

Joy be in the heart
Spirit ‘round us swirl
Oh please let them feel
Most important in this world

Souls be of the binding
Connection be Your love
Let this moment carry
Our way into above

Soul Was Of

Went to church today
A special way of being
Though in a foreign tongue
Soul was of the freeing

Light was shining through
The Spirit was a showing
Beyond the human ear
Soul was of a knowing

Stirring of within
Beauty so amazing
Joy of bursting light
Soul was of araising

Love came pouring through
Binding Lord was bringing
Though couldn’t speak a word
Soul was of a singing