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Each Soul Prepares

The chosen are gathered
A beautiful sight
As each brings a flame
Of their inner light

In humble silence
Heads bowed in prayer
A closing to world
As each soul prepares

Drawing to Spirit
The inner room seen
Heavens connection
Of the in between

Preparation complete
Our worship begun
We rise as His body
In light of the One


Song of the Soul

Deep within our being
Our treasure to be found
The Divine directing
Love within it’s sound

In silence of the soul
A masterpiece is played
One uniquely crafted
Beautifully arrayed

Song of own soul
For our heart to sing
Shining of the light
Piece of kingdom bring

Let us dwell within it
In prayerful time to be
Raising of our song
Singing joyfully

A Different Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day
A different one appears
For it’s the first one
Without you being here

No thought of intention
To buy card and gift
No stop at the store
Or telephone lift

Your hole here is deeper
The wound opens wide
The missing grows bigger
Where you did reside

So I’ll write a letter
Some words of heart to share
What you meant to me
And send through a prayer

One of the soul
Of void of the filling
An intimate sharing
Love of fulfilling

Waters of the Soul

Source of life within
The eternal waits
Dwell waters of the soul
Take stock of its fate

Neglected or ignored
No Spirit flowing through
Dried up and stagnating
Pray focus now anew

Oh Savior, living spring
Cleansing of our sin
Gift through Spirit flow
New way here begin

Prayer of feeding stream
Source of grace to seep
Constant source of light
Flow into the deep

Faith to still the surface
Tranquil water be
Jesus of the calming
Flow to eternity

Binds Your Embrace

So sweet the song
Of silent morn
From which this earthly
Light is born

So soft the breeze
Of skies movement
From which this daily
Path is sent

So still the breath
Of Spirits way
From which this spark
Draws soul to pray

So deep the love
Of blessed grace
From which this pause
Binds Your embrace

Inner Peace

Let one be of the way
Of Your inner peace
In this stress filled world
Your fragrance to release

A gift offered by You
Fueled by Word and prayer
A knowing in the living
That You’re always here

Growing of roots deep
Surrendering unto
Trust within Your will
With eternal view

Let us seek this prize
Within Your Presence near
Dwelling in this moment
One for soul to share

Inner Being

Let us give attention
to this mystery
Speaking of the soul
Which is truly me

A spark of the light
Connection to divine
One beyond our death
Of our true self find

Let us nourish it
Food of soul be prayer
Binding with our God
Eternity be there

Nurturing with silence
Of healing Presence be
Grateful of receiving
Blessed with sharing thee

Time beyond in knowing
View through Spirit seeing
Seeking other souls
Through our inner being