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Inner Peace

Let one be of the way
Of Your inner peace
In this stress filled world
Your fragrance to release

A gift offered by You
Fueled by Word and prayer
A knowing in the living
That You’re always here

Growing of roots deep
Surrendering unto
Trust within Your will
With eternal view

Let us seek this prize
Within Your Presence near
Dwelling in this moment
One for soul to share


Inner Being

Let us give attention
to this mystery
Speaking of the soul
Which is truly me

A spark of the light
Connection to divine
One beyond our death
Of our true self find

Let us nourish it
Food of soul be prayer
Binding with our God
Eternity be there

Nurturing with silence
Of healing Presence be
Grateful of receiving
Blessed with sharing thee

Time beyond in knowing
View through Spirit seeing
Seeking other souls
Through our inner being

Song and Rhyme

What is the song?
What is my rhyme?
That You’ve inscribed
In this soul of mine

One of true self
Crafted in prayer
Spirit descends
Making all clear

Found in the joy
Of eternal peace
Hope through the love
Of Your joy increase

Come let us go
In Your way unite
No holding back
Shining Your light

Landing in the Soul

Seems like life’s best moments
Slip right through our hands
Fortunate for us
In our soul they land

Warming of the deep
Treasure was not earned
In times of reflection
To this place return

In this day’s encounter
When we’re blessed with grace
In it let us linger
Cherish and embrace

Shaping of the soul
Grateful may we be
In humble dependence
For all these flow from thee

Inheritance of Soul

I still think about her
Past half a century
Goodness of her soul
Grandmother blessed to me

Can’t help of the knowing
She watches over me
Whispering to Jesus
In bonding of the three

In our prayer of knowing
Spirit serves the role
Beyond our tongue of speaking
We bind soul to soul

Mystery of proving
Glimpse of God’s light shone
Love of everlasting
Past these human bones

Prayer of deep desire
Through God’s grace let it be
Inheritance of love
Let it pass through me

Only One

See a soul before me
A question is unfurled
Just what if they were
The only in the world?

I’d view in amazement
That they could truly be
Want to get to know them
With curiosity

Sit and watch them moving
Limbs coordinate
Mind be fascinating
Processor so great

Decisions all about them
The clothes they chose to wear
Their story that they carry
Path that brought them here

Interesting their passions
Heart molded by love
A needing to be needed
A binding seen thereof

Viewing even more
Deeper of insight
Inside is a soul
Spark of our God’s light

Creation of such beauty
A treasure here to see
Why our God adores them
Same be true of me

Time of the Soul

Of blessed moments
The losing of me
In time of the soul
We truly can be

Birth of the new day
Of sunrise to flow
Moves into being
Connection to know

Deepest of silence
From a mountain peak
View of perspective
For the soul to seek

Horizon of ocean
Comforting waves
Drifting beyond
Of what the soul craves

Into unseeing
Time of our prayer
So Holy the presence
Beyond all compare

Soul of dwelling into
Something of the greater
Beautiful to be
One with our creator