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Nature of our Soul

Something of beyond
Touches our soul to say
When nature here presents
A glorious display

And yet the other side
With power of its wrath
Such utter devastation
Left within its path

It lifts our spirit high
Inspiring our heart
Of humble acts of love
A selfless soul imparts

And yet the other side
Such evil can be shown
Incredulous cruelty
No one can condone

Left here in our mind
The fork within our way
With each choice that we make
The focus of each day

Our pride or our Lord
To which we give control
The choosing of our God
Forms the nature of our soul

Questions of the Soul

In life’s challenges
Things out of control
Ask here these questions
To settle your soul

Where am I now?
With soul be aware
Our Lord is with me
Right now and right here

Who am I now?
With joy to be awed
For I am a beloved
Child of God

What do I fear?
What if I fall
Into His arms
Where love conquers all

Repeating these words
My mind to tell
And with my soul
All here is well

A Difficult Soul

This soul before me
So difficult, be
A view of their past
Oh Lord help me see

Was there a time?
Their first smile brought
Great joy to their parents
Or worst, maybe not

For undeserved scars
To much to bear
Wounds left unhealed
Did nobody care?

When they made a mistake
Shame thrown in their face
Did no one provide
An example of grace?

For our Lord has provided
His great gifts to share
All I need to know
Is they need his love here

My Soul My Soul

An offer of dawning
With peace to console
In the silence it sings
To my soul, my soul

The glorious light
All creation, extol
And the birds softly sing
To my soul, my soul

Here to let go
With being whole
And Your Spirit sings
To my soul, my soul

A prayer now of offer
To give up control
And love itself sings
To my soul, my soul

Soul of the Morning

A morning’s invitation
Of offer here abounds
Of welcoming the soul
A sacred psalm surrounds

A holy hymn of hearing
Of heaven here to be
To free the soul from pride
By blessed humility

A silent song of singing
Which every heart is longing
The grace of love as is
In comfort of belonging

So deep the depths of dwelling
Of One that’s drawing me
Centering the soul
Home is where we be

Subsumed into the being
For that is what I am
One of all creation
Created for His plan

Letting Soul

Soaking of the morning
Of senses here to fill
To be fully present
Letting the soul still

Psalm of song in silence
Caress of a soft breeze
Fragrance to awaken
Setting soul at ease

Blessed within the light
A drifting of above
Receiving sacred gifts
To shower soul in love

Heart of preparation
Aware and fully here
So grateful is our being
To offer soul in prayer

Soul into Being

From out of the darkest
From blindness to sight
A world of the turning
Comes into the light

The warming of air
Of stirring to pray
The wind of caressing
Is sent on the way

As is their calling
Announcement of bringing
With mornings’ first breath
The bird’s gift of singing

From out of our slumber
Is birthed our first thought
From the roots of our faith
Let the Spirit be sought

To a glorious sunrise
The Spirit of seeing
Who’s come to awaken
Our soul into being

With the Ear of Soul

Bear with me a moment
A thought for us to share
Starting with this premise
That God is everywhere

And He is seeking us
With his love to bring
Our God is all creation
Is found in everything

The life within each soul
From the light of one
If we see with love
He shines through everyone

And through all these things
His voice can be heard
With the ear of soul
Silence is His word

Found in every moment
Through silence of his word
May the soul be still
To let God’s voice be heard

A blessing of practice
For the soul to see
The gift of the vision
Of Gods great beauty

Soul Be Seeking

A desire to fulfill
Something stirs the soul
We set out on a quest
Let Spirit take control

Or of a greater venture
Towards a holy place
On a pilgrimage
A blessed walk of grace

Habits of the forming
Found in our routine
Of prayer and contemplation
To make the unseen, seen

Let our soul be seeking
Our purpose of professing
For our life’s’ a journey
Every day’s a blessing

So read a sacred book
Listen, question, pray
Walk and climb, retreat
And grace will lead the way