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Soul into Being

From out of the darkest
From blindness to sight
A world of the turning
Comes into the light

The warming of air
Of stirring to pray
The wind of caressing
Is sent on the way

As is their calling
Announcement of bringing
With mornings’ first breath
The bird’s gift of singing

From out of our slumber
Is birthed our first thought
From the roots of our faith
Let the Spirit be sought

To a glorious sunrise
The Spirit of seeing
Who’s come to awaken
Our soul into being

With the Ear of Soul

Bear with me a moment
A thought for us to share
Starting with this premise
That God is everywhere

And He is seeking us
With his love to bring
Our God is all creation
Is found in everything

The life within each soul
From the light of one
If we see with love
He shines through everyone

And through all these things
His voice can be heard
With the ear of soul
Silence is His word

Found in every moment
Through silence of his word
May the soul be still
To let God’s voice be heard

A blessing of practice
For the soul to see
The gift of the vision
Of Gods great beauty

Soul Be Seeking

A desire to fulfill
Something stirs the soul
We set out on a quest
Let Spirit take control

Or of a greater venture
Towards a holy place
On a pilgrimage
A blessed walk of grace

Habits of the forming
Found in our routine
Of prayer and contemplation
To make the unseen, seen

Let our soul be seeking
Our purpose of professing
For our life’s’ a journey
Every day’s a blessing

So read a sacred book
Listen, question, pray
Walk and climb, retreat
And grace will lead the way

Soul to Capture

Incredible sunrise
Of glorious light
Try taking a picture
Just can’t get it right

Feeling frustrated
Can’t frame this beauty
Now just let it go
And just let it be

To fall into the scene
To be a part of
Bathed in splendor
And wrapped in love

A moment of grace
This wisdom to know
For the soul to capture
The gifts You bestow

Soul of the Infinite

With ear of the soul
The unspoken heard
Each mornings a poem
Of infinite words

With eye of the soul
Of Spirit seen though
Each sunrise a painting
Of infinite view

With prayer of the soul
Let me decrease
Blessings bestowed
Of infinite peace

With truth of the soul
Of our God above
Each moments a gift
Of infinite love

With faith of the soul
Our treasure will be
The dwelling of heaven
Of infinity

Soul to Feed

A lesson of life
Of will to concede
A good day begins
With the soul to feed

A setting of stillness
In silence to be
With a prayer of grace
And a bowl that’s empty

We find now awaiting
Our friend at the door
To open with joy
The light here in pours

With armfuls of love
Divine gifts to shower
A great celebration
The Word to devour

Gather the bounty
Of this joyous feast
In sharing this day
It will be increased

Return Soul Now

All is silent
All is still
The moment here
Begins to fill

The earth revolves
The weather blows
Creation sings
All nature grows

Through man’s invention
The noises sound
Worries flow
Stress abounds

Return soul now
To seek the center
Of silence still
Through prayer to enter

Blessed be the Soul

Blessed be the soul
One of eyes to see
Of a grateful heart
For all God gifts to thee

Blessed be the soul
Of their will, concede
Of a humble heart
That grace is all they need

Blessed be the soul
Reward of seeking shown
Of a joyful heart
Of their true purpose known

Blessed be the soul
Of mercy that abounds
Of a loving heart
One lost and now is found

Blessed be the soul
One of movement here
Of a blessed heart
Starting with a prayer

Blessed be the soul
Who opens wide the door
For our blessed Lord
Who blesses even more

Dance of the Soul

A moment of blessing
Of sweet morning prayer
Soul of rejoicing
To dwell with You here

To drift in the air
To bask in the light
With Spirit of movement
To shine colors bright

The dance of the soul
In heaven to be
How we wish we could view
This great mystery

Now open the eyes
In wonder to see
The butterfly mimics
This dance of beauty