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Soul Was Of

Went to church today
A special way of being
Though in a foreign tongue
Soul was of the freeing

Light was shining through
The Spirit was a showing
Beyond the human ear
Soul was of a knowing

Stirring of within
Beauty so amazing
Joy of bursting light
Soul was of araising

Love came pouring through
Binding Lord was bringing
Though couldn’t speak a word
Soul was of a singing

The Souls’ Light

The day is birthed
In innocence light
The source of all
Lays down, contrite

As day moves on
Intensity rises
Darkness to cease
Dispelling it guises

In dusk descending
A calm slowing down
A breeze of forgiveness
As wisdom surrounds

In darkness of light
On waves set a glimmer
Contemplation at rest
As the moonlight shimmers

Perhaps here a vision
As souls light shines through
The way we reflect
The light blessed from You

Soul Moves With Spirit

We mumble a prayer
Don’t know where to start
Intent that’s sincere
Flows from the heart

We scribble some words
That we all yearn for
Of Presences’ desire
To know you more

We lift a hand
Unselfish the deed
Little act offered
To Your will concede

Soul moves with Spirit
As loves ripple flows
You magnify
More than we’ll know

Spark of the Soul

In vision of the soul
A drawing of knowing
A falling into
Abyss of the flowing

Into the depths
Of love without end
Moving so fast
We descend to ascend

Into time stilling
Beyond all ages
Into the moment
That is just is

In one of the light
Of loves binding true
The spark of the soul
True being of You

Fruit of Heart

The tween within
The deep of inner
Thought begins

Fruit of heart
Through ego flow
Mirrors self
For all to know

Food of soul
Be prayer through thee
Cleansing heart
Of Spirit be

Intention pure
This soul of mine
The light of You
From inner shine


Game of a child
To play peek-a-boo
Mind not developed
Appearance each new

Days of our weather
When cloudy the view
Forgetting the sun
Will tomorrow shine through?

Same with our God
Not feeling Him here
Heart of not knowing
He always is here

Let soul develop
With this wisdom be
Seeing or not
Know He’s with me

Souls Caress

Being of the moment
Blessed day begins
Attuning to the drawing
Gifts of soul sink in

Sweet song of the singing
Echoes through the trees
Surrendering direction
Seeing what soul sees

Gentle breeze of blowing
Casts away distress
Intimate of bonding
Blesses soul caress

Sunlight upon water
Pool of glistening rays
Above flows to below
Flowing what souls prays

Souls Been Drifting

Seems my souls been drifting
From You far away
Returning to Your Presence
Alignment of the way

Message of the welcome
Home of warm embrace
Light of love is shining
Full of precious grace

Joy within Your drawing
Easy letting go
Like we’ve always been
Acceptance here to know

Pour in the foundation
One of Presence be
Sent upon a mission
With Your vision, see

Horizon of the Soul

Far away vision
Is here and right now
In view of horizon
Both places somehow

As heaven forthcoming
Life’s goal to see
Is here and right now
When God is with me

God of no moving
Except of soul be
Patiently waiting
To acknowledge He

Prayer of connection
Let Spirit be heard
Always in seeking
Divine life is incurred

Blessing Divine

I don’t understand
And I don’t need to
Placing of my soul
In the hand of You

You cherish and adore
Instilling of Your light
Molding and restoring
Blessed with Your insight

Resting in unknowing
In Spirit of way
Translucent of will
Through me now pray

Refreshed for the journey
Forward view aligned
Knowledge be of trust
Of Your blessing divine