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Souls of the Center

All throughout the scriptures
Jesus to us mentored
The excluded and poor
He places at the center

Encountering these souls
A treasure to pursue
Children of the kingdom
Ones, closer than you

For they’ve something
To teach you this day
And to bless you
In a new way

A spiritual wealth
Of a new dimension
Let us be vulnerable
Without condescension

If we are serious
To be His people, true
May they be at the center
Of all our lives too

Souls In Sweet Harmony

We rest here in silence
A beautiful, “be”
One in souls praying
Of sweet harmony

Time of the stilling
Of the open ear
Allowing the flow
Of Word spoken clear

Deep is the movement
Of need we each seek
God of grace granting
Gifts each unique

One in the same
We all are adoring
Love is the gift
In sharing, outpouring