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Two Sounds

Come outside, my child
Draw deep the morning air
Two sounds fill the silence
Wisdom in its prayer

Drone of distant traffic
Of world that lay ahead
With soft song of a bird
Let my soul be fed

The being of the now
In stillness that abounds
The word that we are loved
Of Spirit that surrounds

Form now the foundation
Through this day to see
Returning to this vision
To re-center me

Sounds of the Morning

Sounds of the morning
The soul to discern
Of gifts that are offered
As each take their turn

Beyond the horizon
With the light of day
A flock of geese honking
As they fly on their way

The cattle are lowing
A whine of a horse
The sweet song of sparrow
The silence of course

For all draw attention
To our God to raise
In their own expression
Of unique song of praise


Times of our resting
When creation surrounds
Our God of supplying
Comforting sounds

In blessings reflection
Nighttime is falling
Stars cast their glow
As peepers are calling

Still by the water
Comforting waves
Caressing the deep
A sound our soul craves

Ascending unto
A mountain of lifting
Beauty of view
In silence the gifting

Being within
In drawing of air
Spirit leads to
One of our prayer