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Filling of Space

A space that is empty
Dwells in the air
Slowing the filling
Of Your grace to appear

A psalm of beauty
Sweet the birdsong
Joy for the heart
To carry along

Drawing of dep
Lungs of the filling
Gift of our life
Through Spirit fulfilling

And blessed is the soul
In gift that bestowed
To be of the Presence
Of our God here to know

Give God Some Space

Words go back and forth
Under an attack
Temptation is to
Directly fire back

Take a breath or two
Time to step away
Breaking of the cycle
Pausing now to pray

What are we called to?
Peace and love, mercy
Asking for a gift
Humble let us be

Be not in control
Giving God some space
Trusting in His way
To let Him spread His grace

A Container of Space

Praying in Your Presence
Of Your precious grace
A roof and four walls
A container of space

A building of man
Mind acknowledges
Beyond of the holding
But somehow it is

So, breathe in You deeply
Relish the gift
Of intimate being
Beyond walls to lift

And so, let us be
On daily walk begin
With soul of the divine
Of One beyond our skin

A Different Kind of Space

Though a passageway
A different kind of space
Breath of Spirit drawing
Stillness of embrace

Awakening of soul
Of Presence, so complete
Time now of beyond
In glorious retreat

Easy of the dwelling
Surrounding be of peace
Fullness of acceptance
Ego here release

Intimate of prayer
Love is overflowing
Truly of the being
Taste of heaven knowing

Space of Holy

Soft is the silence
Of tender embrace
Comforting soul
With fragrance of grace

Safe of the dwelling
Of nourishment, be
Presence surrounding
Space of Holy

Time of the drifting
In soul of the grafting
Easy the way
In Spirit of drafting

Stone of foundation
Faith of root deep
In way of the journey
Let this moment keep

A place beyond
This world to know
Of Spirits way
To go with the flow

Space of Spirit

Space of Spirit
As is the air
Is always here

Born on the day
For all the lost
Of passions breath
Last one from the cross

Breath of desire
Of offering
Awaiting acceptance
Binding to bring

Intentional clearing
Of inner space
Through breath of the soul
One Spirit embrace