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Sweet Child of Mine

Oh sweet child of mine
Gift of the divine
Trust you to our Lord’s embrace
And His true love you’ll find

Pray for hunger of the soul
Desire of your heart
Follow in the way prepared
Joy in gifts impart

In the cloud of darkest night
Do not soul despair
Roots of faith to grow of deep
To know He’s always there

Eye be of compassion true
Heart outpouring love
Mercy blessed be quick to share
View be from above

Know within the deep of soul
That I love you dear
Bound forever in our Lord
And in this prayer we share


In a commencement speech
Wisdom, father shares
That from time to time
In the coming years…

I hope that you will be
Treated with unfairness
So you’ll come to know
The value of justice

I hope that you’ll suffer
Some betrayal to see
To teach the importance
Of loyalty

I hope you’ll be lonely
For a time or two
So you’ll appreciate
Your friends true value

I wish you some bad luck
So you’ll understand
Not all is deserved
No matter the plan

And when you lose the race
A boaster to know
So when it’s your turn
True sportsmanship show

I hope you’ll be ignored
To grow a listening ear
Have just enough pain
For compassion to share

Whether I wish them or not
Still they will be
I pray that you’ll learn
And their message you’ll see

(based upon the speech that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the commencement address at his son’s ninth-grade graduation in June 2017)