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In Spirit

A glorious sunrise
In gifting belong
Joy through the Spirit
Surround me in your song

Reflection in stillness
Moves soul in alliance
Peace through the Spirit
Instilled with your silence

A blessing of cover
Lifts soul in delight
Presence in Spirit
Bathed with your light

Our prayer for this day
May all be as One
United in Spirit
The Father and Son


Spirit Warming

In the cool crisp air
Winters’ chill is forming
Drawing of within
Find the Spirit warming

Being, safe, secure
Warming light is shown
Faith and trust reside
Providence is known

Season of the turning
Of Spiritual desire
Solitude of prayer
Glow of Spirits’ fire

Silence of reflection
In dusk of early night
Stoking of the flame
Soul of burning bright

Spirit of the Cross

The way of the cross
What is this Spirit, be?
One of selflessness
Surely not of me

About a sacrifice
Passion is of love
Giving of it all
To our God above

Way of forgiveness
A heart of mercy
Appearance of failure
In God’s view, victory

Bless me this Spirit
As my challenges face
I can only fulfill
By Your precious grace

Grains of Time

Awakening unto
Precious grains of sand
A little gift of time
Is placed into our hands

One of our unknowing
Be many or be few
As within Your way
Let’s offer them to You

May souls desire be
Of binding with You here
In serving those in need
And blessed in time of prayer

When placed in Your Presence
We pray that we will see
A simple grain of sand
Binds to eternity

Space of Spirit

Space of Spirit
As is the air
Is always here

Born on the day
For all the lost
Of passions breath
Last one from the cross

Breath of desire
Of offering
Awaiting acceptance
Binding to bring

Intentional clearing
Of inner space
Through breath of the soul
One Spirit embrace

Soul Moves With Spirit

We mumble a prayer
Don’t know where to start
Intent that’s sincere
Flows from the heart

We scribble some words
That we all yearn for
Of Presences’ desire
To know you more

We lift a hand
Unselfish the deed
Little act offered
To Your will concede

Soul moves with Spirit
As loves ripple flows
You magnify
More than we’ll know

Spirit of Guiding

In time of our prayer
With Presence residing
An offered request
Your Spirit of guiding

In conversations
When ego is stung
Responding in love
You guiding the tongue

Blessed with a gift
Let its’ beauty we see
Gratefulness spawn
To cherish with thee

When time is rushing
Past needy soul here
Whisper a pause
Compassion to share

With anticipation
In Your blessed view
Light of the guiding
In drawing to You