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Soul Moves With Spirit

We mumble a prayer
Don’t know where to start
Intent that’s sincere
Flows from the heart

We scribble some words
That we all yearn for
Of Presences’ desire
To know you more

We lift a hand
Unselfish the deed
Little act offered
To Your will concede

Soul moves with Spirit
As loves ripple flows
You magnify
More than we’ll know

Spirit of Guiding

In time of our prayer
With Presence residing
An offered request
Your Spirit of guiding

In conversations
When ego is stung
Responding in love
You guiding the tongue

Blessed with a gift
Let its’ beauty we see
Gratefulness spawn
To cherish with thee

When time is rushing
Past needy soul here
Whisper a pause
Compassion to share

With anticipation
In Your blessed view
Light of the guiding
In drawing to You

Moving The Heart

Bless me a vision
To enter into
Free of distractions
Clear now the view

Open the heavens
To pour in your light
Seeing beyond
With Spirit’s insight

Flowing in waves
One of souls drawing
Moving the heart
Wherever your calling

Send now the breeze
Attune the soul to
Your moving direction
All the day through

May soul be accepting
Receive message true
Mold in reflection
The vision of You

Two Foot Square

In worldly space
It is clear
We occupy
A two foot square

With egos view
In shadows fear
A lonely place
One of despair

Of inner light
A drawing here
A needy heart
Of offered prayer

Through open door
The Lord appears
Abundant love
Shines everywhere

In our God’s space
Beyond compare
We occupy
Our heavens share

Breath of Spirit

Arriving at Your dwelling
On opening of door
Before eyes can register
Your Spirit did outpour

Caught a breath of Spirit
Paused to draw it deep
Lingering indwelling
Of soul to let it steep

Enraptured in being
Of Presence so real
Only through You
The unseen revealed

Foundation of truth
So much more to know
Through glimpses of grace
You drops of light flow

Blessing Divine

I don’t understand
And I don’t need to
Placing of my soul
In the hand of You

You cherish and adore
Instilling of Your light
Molding and restoring
Blessed with Your insight

Resting in unknowing
In Spirit of way
Translucent of will
Through me now pray

Refreshed for the journey
Forward view aligned
Knowledge be of trust
Of Your blessing divine