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Wonderfully Made

In this sin filled world
We often are dismayed
Let soul repeat these words
I am wonderfully made

You formed my inmost being
In mother’s womb, handmade
Let my soul praise you
I am wonderfully made

Your eyes saw me unformed
And precious plans were laid
Let my true self rise
I am wonderfully made

Know my heart and thoughts
If wicked path portrayed
Lead me along Your way
I am wonderfully made

When judgment fills my heart
Let Your love be conveyed
For brother, sister too
They are wonderfully made


How, When

How wonderful, when
The blessed bless
A witness to
Their thanks professed

How moving, when
The inspired inspire
A flowing of
Their souls desire

How comforting, when
The prayerful pray
A living of
Their trusting way

How powerful, when
The forgiven forgive
A humble grace
Their way to live

How beautiful, when
The beloved love
A sharing of
Their light above

(inspired by a kind comment by boundlessblessingsblog and others 🙂

You Blessed a New Way

I gave you some paper
You blessed me some grace
My life decorated
You from a simple place

I sat off in silence
You chose a connection
I chose the way easy
You sought redirection

I went across the street
You traveled distance great
I shared about the weather
You, words to contemplate

I bought you a lunch
Wisdom you did share
I went into to eat
You started with a prayer

Offered things of world
You brought heaven here
Now I’m left to ponder
A new way to prepare

Making of a Saint

A blessing of grace
A gift of partaking
An encounter this day
With saint of the making

With lens of God’s view
When we walk down the street
A saint in the making
We pray we will meet

To grant them a blessing
Our purpose this day
To show them God’s love
And keep me out of the way

May they be in disguise
In darkness’s of sin
With joy of the light
Let our friendship begin

A prayer now for patience
For grace and mercy
In sharing his love
What God called us to be

One day will rejoice
In heaven to be
Of how you encouraged
The saint within me

Born of a Simple House

We’ll knock upon your door
A neighbor here to greet
With an introduction
From the church down the street

Offering of friendship
Of presence, here to be
Some help, of food or prayer
You can count on me

Sharing life together
As friends, here to reside
Can’t solve all your problems
But will be by your side

World so complicated
Let our friendship be
Born of a simple house
One of dependency

Sharing in the kingdom
All from grace above
Life of joys and sorrows
Bound in His precious love

Inspired by the wonderful souls who work at “A Simple House” in Washington, DC


Your Name

Not sure who they are
But their fruits I surely see
In the person, you’ve become
Your parents blessed be

They could have named you Grace
By how you share His word
In living, what you preach
The Spirits voice is heard

They could have named you Faith
For devotion flows through you
Each moment shared with love
With lens through our God’s view

They could have named you Hope
For you cast His light
Thou darkness fills this world
Around you all seems right

They blessed you, your name
A treasure of God’s son
What God has hoped you’d be
Is who you have become

Have You Met a Saint?

Have you met a saint?
Just by their presence be
You leave feeling better
In some way, more holy

Fragrance that surrounds them
A joy for all to see
Of innocence, so pure
Blessed with humility

A captivating Spirit
One of true beauty
Safe to share the soul
Where you want to be

They fill your soul with hope
Here now, all seems right
A touch of heaven blessed
A halo of God’s light

One of the transforming
Truly to inspire
Encouragement of love
A calling of the higher