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A Winters Snow

So softly and gently
Falls a winters snow
From heaven above
To the earth below

Peace is prevailing
His grace to bestow
Mercy is blessed
For each soul to know

Soul come to resting
Of prayer nice and slow
Being of stilling
Let the Spirit flow

Unique are the blessings
That we have to show
Giving, receiving
Of His love to sow


A Need

I need some time in Your Presence
I need some time dwelling in
In need some time of silence
A prayer now let us begin

A seed of realization
I’m blessed in this moment here
Transcendence into eternal
Through Spirit of being we share

Creator seeking created
A drawing of humility
Acceptance of love so completely
Here now just let me be

Cup of the overflowing
A calling of greater to know
Divinity, one of Your sharing
A need of Your filling to flow

Bless All

As the sun slowly rises
Light to the earth
A blessing upon
This new day of birth

Bless those who’ll pass
Bless all be born
Bless all with joy
And all those forlorn

Fill all who hunger
Quench all that thirst
Humble the righteous
Lift up the cursed

Answer the seeking
With gifts of divine
Bless all with love
And this heart of mine

Ingredients of Light

A miracle
To each it shines
The blessed gift
Of light divine

Of which unknown
Within our prayer
Its wisdom shown

And found within
A perfect love
Connection to
Our God above

Its purpose known
For us to shine
It’s sharing way
Through heart of mine

My Judgment Cast

Met a man today
Placed him in a bin
Through my judgment cast
Convicted him of sin

Hard now be my gaze
Cold within my heart
Take away his joy
Let him be set apart

A voice within my soul
Word of Spirit true
Rise now pharisee
A hypocrite of view

For so as you judge
So, will you be to
The measure which you measure
Be measured out to you

Falling to my knees
A sinner turns above
Let my heart be as Yours
Filled with only love

A Ripple in the Way

Gaze into still water
A stirring here this day
Draws attention to
A ripple in the way

Friend deep of the needing
An offering to pray
Compassion flows in love
A ripple in the way

Overwhelmed in darkness
A light to display
Humble act of kindness
A ripple in the way

When I hear You calling
Let my will obey
Oh Lord may my life be
A ripple of Your way

I’ll Always Find You Here

I saw you in the light today
Through the winter chill
Warming glow of love
In peace of silence still

I bound with you in tears today
And you cried with me too
Comfort in your arms
Together we’ll get through

I heard you in the birds today
A happiness it brings
That lifted up my spirit
In joy of simple things

I felt you in my heart today
In rise of empathy
Helping of the suffering
With generosity

I glimpsed you in their way today
In act of kindness true
One of selflessness
Taught by love of you

I knew you in my soul today
In an unspoken prayer
In ways of the beyond
I’ll always find you here