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Just a Little More

With each sunrise
Outpouring of light
Each day becomes
Just a little more bright

A gaze in the field
Slight change in the scene
The pasture becomes
Just a little more green

With each passing year
Let the Spirit advise
Then we’ll become
Just a little more wise

Through our daily prayer
In the soul is shown
That Your love becomes
Just a little more known

You Are of the Spring

Through winter we endured
Bulbs planted in the earth
Such joy that it would bring
To see the flowers birth

When the birds return
Warming light shines through
Trees of blossom bloom
Can’t help but think of you

For how it warmed your soul
Such joy that you’d bring
Your memory entwined
For you are of the Spring

A pain deep in my heart
One of missing you
But let your lessons shared
Brighten up our view

We’ll hang some Easter eggs
Decorations share
And we will celebrate
You joy within us here

Blossoms Return

And so you return
My friend of the Spring
Your blossoms of beauty
With joy that you bring

Another year older
A grander display
Pronouncement of joy
In your humble way

Bursting of praise
Of Creator reflect
Only His purpose
This soul affect

Soon to let go
Of season to be
Encouragement blessed
For all souls to see

A Rising That Will Be

Something in the air
Within this new morning
Familiar to the soul
Is the first breath of Spring

A touch upon the skin
Warms with hearts delight
Raising Spirits hope
In shift of seasons light

A tune upon the breeze
Carries one along
Stirring inner joy
That of a new birdsong

Encouragement of way
Gifts to soul instill
A rising that will be
A promise He’ll fulfill

Fullness of Green

It seems overnight
A change in the scene
Spring has matured
In fullness of green

Gone are the blossoms
That sang in the air
Echoes of joy
In heart remain there

Into the season
Of plantings of birth
One of the living
The fruit of the earth

So with our being
Of Easters joy shown
Into the sharing
Of our Lord love known

Praise of Spring

Sweet song of bird echoes
In the hollow deep
Soul at rest consuming
Pleasure of heart keep

One of celebration
Joy within our song
Blossom of tree bursting
Joins as well along

Daffodils of turning
A yellow trumpet sounds
Silent beauty whispers
Of offering abounds

Praise is our song lifting
As one we contemplate
The glory of Creator
One of love so great