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1 Corinthians 13:12 (+)

For now, we see
In a mirror, dimly
But then we will see
Face to face

For now, we know
What partially shows
But then we will
Fully embrace

For even, as we
As human body
That we have been
Fully known

For now, the free
As us to be
To trust in
Your graces shown

For now, we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Of the Unseen

Of the unseen
I am aware
A dwelling in
Your Presence here

A resting place
Where peace is known
The soul is fed
With Your love shown

A sacred place
Of You to be
A centering
Of You in me

A nurturing
Through love to grow
Of light to shine
Your joy to show

Beauty of Unseen

My soul has been blessed
By views of such beauty
The moments of my life
Are cherished joyfully

First flower of spring
Ocean of the light
Mountains majesty
Stars of deserts night

Beneath a wedding veil
A kiss of a goodbye
Child’s hand drawn card
The love in Grandmas eyes

In closing of the eyes
Into light pristine
That the most beautiful
Is that of the unseen

Allow Me to Show

Won’t you give me a chance
Allow me to show
How much I adore you
Your soul truly know

Just be aware
Allow eye to see
Blessings abundant
Bestowed unto thee

I’ll send you a sunrise
Birds sing a song
A friend in the way
To side walk along

In conversation
In spirit of word
Love of eternal
My wisdom be heard

To Settle Into

Bless me the freedom
Surrender allow
No future or past
To settle into now

Bless me acceptance
Forgiveness embrace
Of dwelling in mercy
To settle into grace

Bless me awareness
Of world to release
Being of Presence
To settle into peace

Bless me rejoicing
Of falling into
One of pure love
To settle into You

What Can I Pray for You?

You sought the connection
One of the greater view
Offering intention
What can I pray for you?

A pause within my heart
Of thought to brush away
Not to burden you
Of nothing that I say

Let me take that back
Of treasure passing by
May I share my needs
Let the soul reply

With my deepest struggles
Or souls placed in my way
When my requests are shared
From what can you I pray?

When we meet again
Great binding there will be
To share what God has done
Rejoice in His glory

The Rising Mist

A view this day
Through window clear
Of moistures rise
Into the air

A moving flow
Of silent song
Inviting soul
To come along

So humble be
This drawing gift
In calling all
Of prayer to lift

A fall into
The rising mist
In Spirits way
Soul to subsist

Infuse into
A prayer of one
Our praise unto
The light of Son

When Heaven is Reached

A prayer of my heart
But word I failed to say
When heaven is reached
Please some way convey

Through word of a dream
So audible
The message was passed
“It’s so beautiful”

When dawning arose
A heart of delight
In vision of beauty
Of the morning light

A surprise to see
A name that is known
In colors of deep
A cross that is shown

I’m sure we’ll see
If we are aware
Of you sending us
An answer to prayer