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Into Stars of the Night

Awake into darkness
Before morning light
A gaze of above
Into stars of the night

A drifting within
Of so far away
World becomes small
Perspective to pray

How little this life
My importance to be
So miniscule
View greater to see

An offer awaiting
Through Creator blessed
A purpose united
Of kingdom professed

Soul of eternal
To shine here this day
In turning the darkness
To light of the way

Time of the Stars

In childhood’s summer
Of bones values formed
A time of together
Of souls fire warmed

We’d sit on a cliff
Of your works weekend
Gaze at the stars
And peace would descend

In background of ballgame
And whip o wills song
One of life sharing
A time to belong

In life of the passing
This time stays with me
Sweet joy arising
In stars that I see

Warming the heart
In the binding of you
Engrained forever
Pray that you see them too