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Prayers Still

Though we haven’t written
I want you to know
That our prayers for you
Continue still to flow

One to fill your senses
Be Spiritually aware
The Presence of HIs love
Covering you here

A taste within of heaven
Peace of His embrace
Gifts of the outpouring
To shower you in grace

For it is our joy
This prayer that we impart
For you hold a special
Place within our heart

A Song While Still

A song while still
The sunrise sleeps
That sparks the birth this day

A filling be
Of emptiness
That usher’s night way

A flowing song
That stills the soul
A symphony surrounding

The sweetness
Of the birdsong
Their praises here abounding

A song within
Of binding be
In Spirit here of knowing

In gratitude
Of love You share
Ahead Your gifts bestowing

A song of joy
Of light to shine
Instilling peace to share

Rejoicing in
The love of You
In binding everywhere

A Still Small Voice

In our world of noise
Of worries and fear
Constant distractions
Come listen right here

Settling the soul
Of a silent prayer
For a still small voice
Sometimes hard to hear

It can be very quiet
Our Lord is speaking clear
Voice of love within you
You may have heard it there

Listen to Him saying
I love you, He proclaims
Come and follow me
Calling you by name

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Still Water Still

View captures view
Still water still
Sky empty sky
Fill silence fill

Light shining light
Go letting go
In dwelling in
Know Presence know

Love receive love
Be aware be
Flow Spirit flow
Thee within thee

Share wisdom share
Cease judgment cease
Love sharing love
Peace flowing peace

Still Be The Water

Sweet is the silence
A beautiful psalm
So still be the water
Of surface so calm

A simple reflection
One of the deep
Into the soul
Let this moment seep

A moving into
Contemplative prayer
A drawing of being
Of your presence here

In language of soul
Of simply to be
One within all
Through the love of thee

Praying Her Soul Still

Won’t you rest with me
In sunrise of beauty
She starts rushing around
Just can’t sit and be

Jesus foresaw it
With love his story
Of too much Martha
Not enough of Mary

Life out of balance
No time of Divine
Feeding of soul
Of nourishment fine

An offer, beloved
Desire to fulfill
Oh Spirit descend
To pray her soul still

Still You

Still raw is your passing
You’re in a better place
Your hope in gift of faith
Is answered by His grace

Still here is our sorrow
In random burst of tears
Drifting in our loss
Your emptiness felt here

Still in life’s reflection
The love to us you shared
We see your shadow cast
In many ways, you cared

Still we walk our path
With joy and sorrow, feeling
In prayer, we’ll be with You
A new way you’ll be healing

Still we’ll remember you
Etched within our heart
For now, your closer still
Through love that you’ll impart