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In This Stilling

In this stilling
Something stirs
Beyond the known
Of grace occurs

In this stilling
Something deep
As Spirit seeps

In this stilling
Something prays
A flowing through
Of divine ways

In this stilling
Something above
A blessing of
Your word of love

Stilling, Drawing, Guiding

Listen to the water flow
Pour into my heart
Stirring Spirit of the deep
Stillness to impart

Still within the mornings light
Moving in reflection
Warming Spirit of sweet joy
Drawing of connection

Draw deep of the moment now
Being of right here
Dwelling Spirit of His peace
Guiding us to prayer

Guide us now within the way
His giftings’ let us bring
Stilling, drawing, guiding
With Spirits voice to sing

Stilling the Soul Softly

View before my eyes
One of such beauty
Something of beyond
Here is calling me

Words of wisdom whisper
Slowing into now
Stilling the soul softly
A gift that You endow

Waters of the calming
Letting the light flow
Consumed in absorbing
Connection to bestow

A prayer into being
Flowing past the will
Peace born of creation
A blessing You instill

Presence of Stilling

How sacred the space
Grace of fulfilling
A breath into You
Presence of stilling

Nourishment deep
Will to concede
Drawn into You
With all that I need

Adrift in beyond
Comfort in rest
Letting the soul
Fully be blessed

Time of true love
A glimpse here to see
A taste of desire
For eternity

Instilling Stilling

Can’t settle down
Distractions are here
Oh Lord take control
Of our time of prayer

Sitting up straight
To close eyes in peace
Reciting Your name
Breathing release

Spirit adrifting
A falling into
Deep light appears
Gift granted by You

Instilling stilling
The inner room see
Intimate knowing
A blessed place to be