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Bless Me Your Stillness

Bless to me Your stillness
A place of finding You
Peace of the surrounding
Spirit flowing through

In horizons color
Or one of mountains view
By the tranquil water
In a sky of blue

In Your sacred presence
A church of simple prayer
Nestled in the corners
I’ll always find You there

Practice of our being
The seeking of divine
In the inner room
You I’ll always find

Quiet and Stillness

Quiet and stillness
Beauty of view
Recipe setting
Of being with you

Word of the scripture
To dwell in the deep
Savor the message
Allow it to seep

A time in the heart
Of song to inspire
Spark of igniting
The spirit’s fire

A friend with a story
Of wisdom to share
Ways of our Jesus
To us He appears

Beauty of Stillness

A whisper of offer
Of silence flows through
A moment of stillness
Of calling from You

A pause in the way
Of falling into
A dwelling of stillness
Of quiet with You

An intimate binding
Of love in the view
A prayer of stillness
Of being with You

A vessel of offer
Of gift of value
A peace of stillness
Of sharing with You