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The Story of Christmas

The story of Christmas
We hear every year
Let’s ponder a moment
And put ourselves there

She was 9 months pregnant
A long journey ahead
Did Mary ever say
Can we stay home instead?

The Lord will provide
In a stable they lay
I wonder if Joseph
Saw it that way

Now get up and go
God said in a dream
So tired, exhausted
Did anyone, scream?

Now when I complain
Let me pause and to say
I may not like it
But I’ll trust in Your way

Story of Glory

Here’s the story, of the glory
How God with us came to this earth
As prophets told, faith to behold
The love within our Saviors birth

The Word was shared, angel appeared
A question posed, to virgin blessed
Will you believe you will conceive?
And with great faith, she answered, yes

She was betrothed, would it unfold?
Joseph thought and formed a plan
But in a dream as it would seem
God vision was beyond a man

And through their will God’s way fulfilled
To Bethlehem went on their way
Looked for an inn, no room within
And in a stable, manger lay

So bright and clear a star appeared
To shepherds’ eye announced the birth
The light arose within each soul
Our Saviors born unto this earth

May we believe this gift received
A miracle blessed all for free
Announce it here, good news to share
His light to shine so joyfully!

Miracle of Story

A soul was sent to me
Blessed with story, shared
A parable of truth
One beyond compare

Labor of decades
Of enduring pain
A story came to birth
God’s glory to proclaim

Through obedience
Of spirit revealing
A miracle blessed
In two weeks of healing

Encouragement for soul
Let providence be heard
Binding in the Grace
Of the eternal word

A story’s conversion
To eternal peace
A message proclaimed
Deaths fear released

Through a faith filled soul
A vision in-between
Through facets of love
The unseen is seen

Stories and A Story

Our blessed gift of life
One we’re living here
Grows into a story
That we each can share

Many paths of choosing
In treasure that we seek
Though some intertwine
Our stories each unique

God too has a story
One that has no end
Shared in Word of love
So much to comprehend

Question here to ponder
In choices of the way
That stories be of one
May mine be His I pray