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A Sacred Stroll

When we go for a walk
This definition, know
We move away from someplace
New destination, go

But let’s practice another
To stroll while we pray
To exercise the soul
One of the Spirits way

A step into the moment
Beyond our senses here
To dwell within the light
Our soul to be aware

Soak the senses deep
Allow the soul to see
The wonders of creation
His blessings of beauty

One of greater view
Beyond the veil we hide
A practice of the knowing
The Lord is by our side

Spirit of the moving
A joy for us to be
A stroll of the sacred
Of my Lord and me

Into The City

Into the city
Upon a stroll
Air of the breathing
Freeing the soul

Past pizza joints
Businesses fine
The corner bars
Churches divine

Students with backpacks
Women dressed to a tee
Men with a briefcase
Lost minds do we see

Saints and the sinners
A mixture are we
A perfect plan crafted
When walking with thee