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Suffering United

Wove a crown of thorns
Stuck it on His head
They spit, and they mocked
As His body bled

And in His gaze
Jesus eyes do reveal
In our pain and strife
“I know how you feel”

A beating applied
They led Him off
To be crucified

Though all hope seems lost
From His cross, hear him say
“Please believe me
It’ll be better one day”

Jesus endured
Fathers will to be done
Let our suffering
Be united as one


Bless Your Child

Bless Your beloved child
One that You love true
Let us pray as one
He’s precious to me too

In day ahead before him
With challenges to face
Surround in Your Presence
Safe in warm embrace

A soul of innocence
One faithful to You
A lamb amongst the wolves
Be His shepherd true

In home of returning
A story let him share
Let us praise, rejoicing
Of this answered prayer


Different forms of suffering
Of deep agony
Physical, financial
Or emotionally

Illness of the body
Pain too much to bear
Bound within the cross
Our Lord we find You there

Loss of our possessions
Disaster, time of strife
In hunger of our need
We find the bread of life

Hopeless heart is broken
Nothing to cling to
With a thread of faith
See the light shine through

In our Church of binding
Suffering, bear as one
Healing in the sharing
We pray Your will be done