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Suffering, Dying and Assimilation

The flower said to the dirt, would you like to be like me?
Waving in the breeze, so sweet and pretty

The dirt said I would like that. Thru roots the dirt was claimed
It was assimilated, a flower it became

The rabbit said to flower. Would you like to be like me?
Hopping around to play, in fields of great beauty

The flower said I’d like that. A meal to rabbit came
It was assimilated, a rabbit it became

The man said to the rabbit. Would you like to be like me?
To walk, to think, to pray. Such great things to see

The rabbit said I’d like that. The hunter ate its game
It was assimilated, a man it then became

God said to the man, would you like to be like me?
Of peace and love and joy, one of divinity?

The man said I would like that. Like your Son to be.
Now die unto yourself and share eternity

We Are with You

My brother, my sister
Please know, be aware
Of this pain that you suffer
That we’re with you here

Heavy the burden
Of this cross that you bear
As we are one body
Your suffering we share

For no empty words
Of a simple cliché
Can magically
Take your pain away

Just know we are with you
And we deeply care
Throughout your journey
We lift you in prayer

As much as we’d like
We can’t take it away
In Spirit or person
We’re with you this day

In this dark valley
Let this truth be known
With our Lord by our side
You don’t walk it alone

Blessed to be with you
As you’ve been for me
For we are of One love
In Gods’ family

Those With COVID-19

For those with corona
Let us offer a prayer
To feel with our heart
To join with them there

What a terrible feeling
An awful nightmare
Body in pain
Struggling for air

Alone in a bed
With no loved one near
The unknown ahead
Please comfort their fear

For those who are serving
May a healing be here
Give them the strength
Of compassionate care

May they feel Jesus
His light to appear
Peace of surrounding
His love everywhere

Fulfilling His Vocation

Her only son had died
To Jesus, she appealed
He felt a Mothers pain
From death her child was healed

Mary called to Him
When Lazarus had died
He knew his friend would live
Still our Jesus cried

In the lonely garden
While his disciplines slept
Streaming tears of blood
Jesus prayed and wept

Increasingly aware
With every living breath
Fulfilling His vocation
Through suffering and death

Still he walked the way
Remaining faithful true
Becoming of His passion
All out of love for you

Suffering United

Wove a crown of thorns
Stuck it on His head
They spit, and they mocked
As His body bled

And in His gaze
Jesus eyes do reveal
In our pain and strife
“I know how you feel”

A beating applied
They led Him off
To be crucified

Though all hope seems lost
From His cross, hear him say
“Please believe me
It’ll be better one day”

Jesus endured
Fathers will to be done
Let our suffering
Be united as one

Bless Your Child

Bless Your beloved child
One that You love true
Let us pray as one
He’s precious to me too

In day ahead before him
With challenges to face
Surround in Your Presence
Safe in warm embrace

A soul of innocence
One faithful to You
A lamb amongst the wolves
Be His shepherd true

In home of returning
A story let him share
Let us praise, rejoicing
Of this answered prayer


Different forms of suffering
Of deep agony
Physical, financial
Or emotionally

Illness of the body
Pain too much to bear
Bound within the cross
Our Lord we find You there

Loss of our possessions
Disaster, time of strife
In hunger of our need
We find the bread of life

Hopeless heart is broken
Nothing to cling to
With a thread of faith
See the light shine through

In our Church of binding
Suffering, bear as one
Healing in the sharing
We pray Your will be done