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Sunday of Yesteryear

Be me of Sunday morn
One of yesteryear
Foundation of my faith
One of witness there

In Moms’ hands of folding
Loving word of prayer
In everything she did
Self-sacrifice to share

In Dads’ knee of bending
One of humility
Hard work of devotion
For his family

In Grandmas flowered hat
Years of faith did live
Persistence through life’s struggles
Trust in you she gives

Source of inner strength
Through their life of giving
Receiver of the Word
Faith through life of living


Greatest Celebration

In memories of life
One of invitation
Thinking of what was
Your greatest celebration?

Place of gathering
Beauties decoration
Joy with precious souls
Engaging conversation

Purpose of the joining
United acclamation
Blessings overflow
Time of transformation

Let us bring this way
With hearts exhortation
To worship this Sunday
With souls’ exultation

Of Sunday’s Afternoon

Soaking in sun
Of afternoons Sunday
Delaying the thought
Of work on this Monday

Lost in the blue
Of a sky nice and clear
Still are the waves
And fresh is the air

Walkers stroll slowly
Easy they speak
Dogs pal’ing along
No goal to seek

Day of the resting
As God did design
Let’s follow his way
The rest of week find