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Sit in The Sunrise

Let’s sit in the sunrise
And bask in the light
A warming of joy
To shine with delight

Let’s rest in the silence
And dwell in Your peace
A filling of calm
All burdens release

Let’s join in creation
And sing of our song
A binding of love
To which we belong

Let’s pray in the moment
With Presence to be
With gifts of the Spirit
So grateful are we

This Days’ Sunrise

Of nothing earned
Just blessed to be
Within the light
This morning, see

A miracle
Upon display
The dark of night
Was cast away

In stilling of
A peace in prayer
The love of God
Of which to share

In Spirits view
Beyond the eyes
A witness of
This days’ sunrise

Savor the Sunrise

Drawn to horizon
A turning of eyes
A gaze through the soul
To savor the sunrise

Soaking of silence
Absorbing the light
Warm flows Your love
In colors, delight

A prayer of the Spirit
A thought here to know
A dawning reflection
Of the inner glow

Outpouring of love
Of model to view
A window of offer
To share this day through

Count Me In

And of the sunrise
Come let me be
One that is full
Of such beauty

One to fall into
So easy to pray
Gentle the stillness
Of peace to convey

If this is your offer
Of day to begin
To see You in new ways
Oh Lord, count me in

From east to west
Your covering blessed
Let every soul turn
With faith to profess

Missed the Sunrise

Today I missed the sunrise
Had something quick to do
A gift that passed me by
A beauty pink and blue

A lesson here to learn
Lead my heart to say
Let me appreciate
Each moment here this day

And for all my loved ones
Let me show I care
For when tomorrow comes
That they might not be here

When I see the lonely
A gift of time to share
With a heart of compassion
And an open ear

Source of inspiration
All throughout the day
Nurturing the soul
Taking time to pray

Lesson of the Sunrise

In our Gods great love
Beginning of each day
An offering of prayer
What does the sunrise say?

Let us begin anew
Wash the old away
Shining light to all
A beautiful display

A gift freely blessed to all
Of vision, warming love
Tender touch of growth
A drawing to above

To all creation calls
The key to unity
Laying the light down
In great humility

Through the night, a lesson
Of everyday to see
For when the sunrise comes
Life after death there be

One of the Sunrise

Come now my child
In prayer let us be
To dwell in the sunrise
Right here you and me

One of such beauty
Of colors so bright
To be of rejoicing
To be of the light

Receiving the Spirit
Of deep contemplation
Love of consuming
Source of inspiration

Go be my sunrise
Of love colors bright
One of rejoicing
One of the light

Soft is the Sunrise

Soft is the sunrise
Of blessing this morn
An easy transition
In greeting of dawn

Take this day slowly
In vision of way
Gift silence of soul
To dwell in and stay

Desire this day
To remain in the heart
This gentle light
Pray not depart

And in the grace
That you bestow
A facet of
Your being know

Find in a Sunrise

Find in a sunrise
A wonderful view
Discover in light
What it says to you

Warming the heart
Mercy so true
Lost in the drawing
A falling into

Acceptance complete
Love, its embrace
A drifting within
A gifting of grace

Peace is prevailing
Spirits direction
Soul of arising
A divine connection

You Sent

You sent me a sunrise
That I did not see
Peace for the soul
A gift of beauty

You sent me Your needy
Jesus is disguise
Encounter of love
That passed by my eyes

You sent me some silence
A calling to pray
I chose to hurry
To things of this day

You send me your Word
Of you’re wisdom great
The choosing of You
Is never too late