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I Surrender to You

Help me to remember
In this day blessed anew
These words of wisdom
Lord, I surrender to You

When I am stressed
With so much to do
To know Your in control
Lord, I surrender to You

When the lonely or needy
Come into my view
And I’m so busy
Lord, I surrender to You

For a suffering friend
Or my needs to pursue
I’ll lift up a prayer
Lord, I surrender to You

Frustrated or anxious
These feelings lead to
Serve as a reminder
Lord, I surrender to You

Dependent on grace
When my life is through
Let my last words be
Lord, I surrender to You

Through Surrender We Pray

Eyes without seeing
Vision so clear
In silence complete
Your love we hear

Intimate touching
Beyond layers of skin
Drifting into
We barely begin

Wisdom absorbing
By just receiving
Faith of instilling
To be of believing

Past senses human
In Spirit of way
In Presence of being
Through surrender we pray

Two Wills

Two wills of my life
Simple truth to see
Will of our precious God
The other, will of me

His is great and perfect
Love’s pure vision see
Masterpiece of beauty
Everything to be

Mine is of desires
Comfort, security
Mixing of the world
What makes me happy

A prayer of discernment
Surrender of my will
Following the Spirit
Heard in moment still

May my faith be strong
Trust in Your embrace
Knowing when I fall
I fall into Your grace

All along the way
Let my will concede
Know His will is perfect
As God know my true needs