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A Taste

The mist in the morning
A glorious view
Insights of drawing
Of light pouring through

A vision of beauty
Inspiration divine
A movement within
Stirs this soul of mine

A prayer of attuning
Of whisper, bestow
For this is a taste
Of the heaven I know

Of Spirit and light
Of Father and Son
Through love of accepting
Let us all, be as One

A Taste of Beyond

Before I awake
Mind halfway there
A birth of first thought
Adrift into prayer

Body asleep
Yet fully aware
I am somewhere else
Yet fully here

Encompassed in light
Like surrounding air
One in Your being
No word of fear

A beautiful Oneness
All a part be
Breath is the Spirit
Love is the key

A taste of beyond
Which mind can’t construe
A glimpse of dimension
There’s much more of You

Eyes now awaken
Mind takes control
Cling to this vision
In light of the soul