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Tell Me

A glorious light
Rises above me
Tell me dear sister
Is this what you see?

A sacred song
Flows through the air
Tell me my sister
Is this what you hear?

Memories of joy
Reflections reveal
Tell me beloved
Is this what you feel?

Great presence of peace
Through prayer overflow
Tell me beloved
Is this what you know?

Receive now my brother
From heaven above
Just a simple taste
Of His indescribable love

Go and Tell

Go tell what you see and hear
The blind regain their sight
Lepers cleansed, the deaf hear
The lame now walk upright

And the dead are raised
The poor, good news received
All these are true of me
Now that I’ve believed

Sins have been wash cleaned
Now the soul sees clear
A purpose of the way
Heard within our prayer

So, let me share with you
In hope that you will see
Jesus is the Word
For all eternity