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Shared Thoughts

Thank you each so much for your very kind comments!

I write down my thoughts
The fruit of my prayer
Post them to a blog
Thoughts of which to share

The hope within my soul
For Gods’ love to flow through
If I’m truly honest
It feeds my ego too

And what comes back to me
With a click or two
Reflection of Gods’ love
From the heart of you

I am overwhelmed
My soul is truly touched
By your loving kindness
I thank you each so much

Candles That Lit My Way

Candles That Lit My Way

Reflection of my years
In thoughts of yesterday
I see with vision clear
Candles that lit my way

Of gift of God was sent
His love that was conveyed
The shining of His light
Candles that lit my way

A blessing of the Spirit
Together we did pray
The Word of God was shared
Candles that lit my way

For souls I’ve never met
And “likes” they give away
Encouragement is blessed
Candles that lit my way

So grateful is my soul
To turn to you and say
I count you as a blessing
A candle that lit my way

When journey is complete
We’ll celebrate one day
When all is known in One
The candles that lit our way

A Blessing Of No Thank You

I thought of my friend
And sent them a card
Got no response back
Found that very hard

Upon a reflection
A change in the view
Where is my heart
Intention not true

Perhaps I was hoping
They’d complement me
Of how thoughtful I was
A great person I be

But if my intention
Was true from the heart
Thinking only of them
No response need impart

So, another thought
To do right here
To bless them in love
With a prayer to share

Meister Eckhart’s Thank You Prayer

If the only prayer
We said, was thank you
That would be enough
Do you think that’s true?

Acknowledging our God
In gratitude proclaim
A heart of thankfulness
Hallowed be his name

In good times and in bad
We are thankful still
On earth as in heaven
Let it be your will

Blessed with daily bread
Grace in all we see
Dependent for the gift
Of your great mercy

I think it is enough
When humble our heart be
And our soul is placed
Within the love of thee