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Ever Thank

How can you ever thank
Or ever to repay
The one how formed your values
Of your life to this day

Through self-sacrifice
Love they gave away
Living what they preached
Always on display

Sharing of their faith
Truth and integrity
Putting others first
In humility

Gratefulness so deep
Of the words beyond
The best way to thank you
Is to pass it on

Thanksgiving Treasure

On this Thanksgiving day
A different way to measure
If this was our last day
What would be our treasure?

In ways that we were blessed
Of cherished memories
Stored within the soul
Of friends and family

Grateful for the gifts
Shared abundantly
What seemed a random path
In focus now we see

Moment of transition
Now to eternity
What will make the passage
Do we have the key?

Hard truth of the knowledge
Of sinners that we be
To greatest treasure cling
Our Savior walks with thee