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The Way of Yours

In genuine
Your realness is
Attracting me

A witness here
Of living see
Your faith is
Encouraging me

A comforting
Acceptance be
Your selflessness
Is loving me

True grace found
In shared mercy
Your blessedness
Is healing me

A longing stirs
For me to see
The way of You
Is calling me

The Way of Contemplation

Awareness of calling
A drawing into
A simple prayer
Of turning to You

Invitation is offered
Of Presence aware
A simple acceptance
Of being right here

A simple surrender
Of our letting go
Receiving the truth
That You love me so

When distractions arise
So simple to do
Of ever so gently
Returning to You

A prayer now to carry
Of our simple share
Compassion and love
To shine everywhere

Show Me the Way

Would You grant me the grace?
To show me the way
Your servant to be
A gift here this day

I’ve built up the walls
With my stubborn will
You’ve granted me love
But I’ve not moved still

I feel it too hard
Overwhelming me
Would You bless the steps
Of Your way to see

Please give me the strength
Of humility
A movement of faith
To inspire me

Way of the Stream

On the bridge of the crossing
Of prayer of insight, glean
Let soul come to ponder
The way of the stream

Meandering through
The forest of deep
Feeding the roots
Of moisture to seep

Ripples of song
In silence of psalm
Reflections of light
In pools of the calm

Found in the valleys
Seeking the low
One of persistence
Embrace of the flow

The Way Into

Follow me the way into
A different kind of avenue

Be way of prayer, intent pursue
Path of divine, eternal view

Let Spirit guide, the light construe
The Word of love come shining through

In world above, this knowledge true
Just how He is loving you

Soul be blessed, restored anew
Go as One and be love too