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What’s Always There

We think of sun rising
With light to appear
But it’s the earth turning
Towards what’s always there

An act of receiving
A gift sent for free
To all of creation
Blessed to everybody

And wise is the soul
Who pause with a prayer
Bound in the ways
Beyond what is here

For many the facets
Of light from above
Of treasures unseen
Of joy, peace and love

And when the night comes
Raise your vision to see
The way the light shines

Living from There

A world of desires
Each moment we see
Our ego is screaming
Come and please me

There’s a place deep inside
Found within a prayer
One of divine
Becoming aware

In Presence of love
One without fear
Of greater belonging
Let me dwell here

Let my deep desire
In living appear
In your precious being
Let me live from there