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Senses and Time

An offer of blessing
Of moment to be
Of senses and time
I gift them to thee

Take a few minutes
With eyes to see
To marvel within
These colors’, beauty

Take now some time
With senses to hear
The soaking within
From silence, appears

Take now a breath
Inhaling fresh air
Drawing of life
Of gratefulness, here

Take now your soul
To offer a prayer
To savor His Presence
Of love He that shares

A moment with God
Becomes eternity
To cherish His blessing
Of infinity

Investment of Time

In the Word written
We know this is true
That resting in God
Is so good for you

What we all need
This treasure revealing
Letting God love us
Is such a great healing

Being in silence
Stilling the heart
To let Spirit flow
Such gifts he imparts

With the gift of our time
Let us choose well
So wise the investment
With our God to dwell

There Is A Time

There was a time
Of darkness on earth
God sent His Son
Through a virgin’s birth

There was a time
The Word He conveyed
Sharing God’s love
And showing the way

There was a time
When it seemed, all was lost
When evil prevailed
He was hung on a cross

There was a time
His rising appeared
With great rejoicing
The truth was shared

If there’s ever a time
For our world to pray
To turn and acknowledge
Yes, He is risen today!

Time of Unknowing

We want the answer
As worry is flowing
Turning to you Lord
In the time of unknowing

In lessons of life
Our faith is growing
Through answered prayer
In time of unknowing

For Your love is true
With gifts of bestowing
You blessed what we need
In time of unknowing

Our soul in Your hands
In Presence, now slowing
A rich, beautiful prayer
A time of unknowing

Time of Transition

It isn’t day
And it isn’t night
Just before morning
So soft is the light

Time of transition
In this gift anew
Arising above
Into deep blue

A speck of light shines
In this great empty space
As one soul and God
Of heartwarming grace

Let our soul reflect
The light of to be
With sparkling joy
The love that is He

Time with The Flowers

Take time with the flowers
A practice here this day
Who knows what we will find
When pausing in the way

Many shapes and colors
A pleasure here to see
Each one is a unique
Of fragrance blessing me

A hopeful bursting bud
Or fully in their prime
A family of sharing
Some beyond their time

Have a closer look
Of many layers be
Incredible the details
Of intricate beauty

Filling of emotions
Joyful, feeling glad
Binding with their friends
Or drooping feeling sad

Petals, soft and tender
To treat delicately
Together we can share
Our vulnerability

Taking time with people
With another view
In souls that we encounter
We find the same is true

A Time to Meditate

Before daily duties
Priorities get straight
To dwell in Your Presence
A time to meditate

One within the silence
To dwell within the Word
To journal pearls of wisdom
Of the Spirit heard

Beauty in the stillness
Of this treasure great
Nourishment of soul
Of light to contemplate

Son of the beloved
The joy of Christ to share
Sent within the way
Filled by time of prayer

Time of Our Life

The time for choosing
Is in this life now
A choice of eternal
A gift God endows

Not only is this “time”
A choosing of our call
But it’s the only “time”
There will be at all

For “time” will be no more
After this life, be
As we understand it
Just sequentially

A very different “time”
From what we understand
Our “eternity” sealed
At time of death we land

Time in No Time

I need time in no time
Right now and right here
Moment of our sharing
Presence be aware

I need space in all space
Dwelling of to be
Emptiness of filling
Blessed light of thee

I need to see to see
Lens within Your view
Let the soul be molded
Wisdom to pursue

I need love of all love
Place of true value
Only one in the One
Needing not but You