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Day Today

It’s a joy filled day today
When I hear the Spirit say
Come walk with me to dwell and pray
It’s a joy filled day

It’s a blessed day today
To seek the gifts that God conveys
To receive and give away
It’s a blessed day

It’s a hopeful day today
To see the light within the way
To shine it in the dark and gray
It’s a hopeful day today

It’s a peaceful day today
The beautiful is on display
Faith within the Son relay
It’s a peaceful day

Thoughts of Today

So many souls lived
And the wisdom they bought
We learned from their lives
But so much forgot

It’s somewhat amazing
We don’t know everything
So much to learn, discover
What will the future bring

So much information
In our hands bestow
But what is important
Is in this day to flow

An effort this day
To take time to wonder
What’s blessed in our soul
Of seed here to ponder

Today’s Window

Open today’s window
Let the breeze flow through
Hear the birds sweet singing
Gifts prepared for you

Bask in morning sunlight
Feel its warming touch
Ways that God is seeking
Desiring so much

Open door of soul
Spirit here to breathe
Singing song of praise
God’s way to perceive

Heart be a reflection
Of your blessed light
Shining of the true
Calling to unite

Days Foundation

Silence is stirred
With birdsong adorning
Peace is transcending
In this solemn morning

Horizon is filled
With lights inspiration
Colors descending
Without hesitation

Treasures are offered
For heart of instilling
Abundant of sharing
For any soul willing

One of our being
Within your creation
Gifting’s are blessed
In this days foundation