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Sense of Transformation

In our time of prayer
With God to reside
We take all our senses
And set them aside

Seeking of silence
In closing of eyes
No taste or smell
Hands folding, complies

Attuning the senses
With soul now to see
Heart of compassion
Acute senses, be

An offer unto God
Transformation, find
Bestowing upon us
Senses of divine

Gaze of Transformation

How can my eyes face You?
Unworthy sinner be
Graced within Your Presence
A different view to see

All that falls behind me
Gone away is sin
Found with this moment
A gaze that draws me in

Vision into being
Past this world we know
Deeper into dwelling
Insight to us show

Taste of the eternal
Glimpse of One above
Desire of the soul
The only word is love