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In This Moment

Oh, what a treasure
To dwell in Your light
In this moment shared
Everything’s right

For You bear my burdens
Security, know
In this moments safety
Letting all go

Enwrapped in the Spirit
Love so complete
In this moment drifting
Divinity sweet

Peace of instilling
Presence permeates
This moment transforming
New way, create

Treasure of the Empty Present

A present beautiful
Underneath the tree
Unwrapping it with joy
Empty the box be

Come not disappointment
A gift to contemplate
Same as is our soul
This emptiness equate

Cherish this desire
To be filled with You
Let eye be of the soul
View gifts that we pursue

Lavished with Your blessings
All for us to share
Hope and peace and joy
Love beyond compare

Treasures of divine
Secure from rot or rust
Gift of faith is offered
In You we place our trust

Though beyond eyes sight
Eternal is their way
Store within life’s passing
Nourished when we pray

One within His body
Abundant is Your giving
Emanuel is born
In us Christ is living

Cherish here this treasure
Of emptiness so fine
Forever of the filling
With gifts of the divine

Grandmas Treasure

Sent out summer morning
With Moms hug and kiss
Pole and tackle box
With Grandpa now to fish

Climbing in his old truck
In mirror now appears
As smile warms the heart
Their home built through years

Sitting on the shoreline
On the other side
Seeing a great mansion
Alone, owner resides

Someday I’ll be rich
With a house so great
With everything I want
I can hardly wait

Grandpa ponders deeply
From inside words arise
“Sometimes what we want
Is right before our eyes”

God blesses us a free will
Desire drives our choice
Sometimes pause a moment
And seek the Spirits voice

Opening their lunchbox
Grandmas’ note appears
Written to us both
Now wisdom Grandpa shares

“Some people are so poor
All they have is money”
The Word in Grandmas note
“You’re my treasure, honey”

(based upon a quote by an unknown author )
“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”