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The Tree Danced

A gift of day
As light appears
A breath of Spirit
Stirred the air

The tree was moved
And took the chance
As every leaf
Performed a dance

It came to rest
And join along
As the bird offered
It’s sweet song

A blessing shared
Of witness here
This soul was moved
Unto a prayer

Prayer of the Tree and Me

When I awake
Out my window to stare
Each morning I find you
A being of prayer

Firmly devoted
Each season you grow
Through wind and through rain
In heat and in snow

In season of plenty
In barrenness too
With blossoms of joy
You surrender unto

What is your secret
The silence, the light?
The soil, the water?
Please share your insight

It’s not complicated
I am what I be
Grateful for blessings
God gifts to me 

A Tree Amongst

Of vision be
Of life subsist
A tree amongst
The morning mist

To place all trust
Of life depend
Upon the gifts
That our God sends

To seek the light
Spread branches wide
To grow roots deep
In faith reside

A whisper of
The answer of
Life’s mystery

Of purpose known
A tree you be
Through way of God
Let me be me

The Tree and a Breeze

When blows the gentle breeze
The seedling seems to say
Hey leave me in peace
Won’t you go away

To nudge in all directions
To tree, the breeze does show
Stretching far and wide
Its roots which way to grow

When the fierce winds come
The tree begins to see
That the gentle breeze
Was just preparing me

Now the great oak sways
With blessing the breeze sends
As they dance together
In joy, these lifelong friends

Brother Tree

Oh, blessed be
Our brother tree
A model here
For us to see

Through wind and storm
Gifts an insight
For every day
Grows to the light

In branches growth
Its bounty seeps
Supported by
Its roots grown deep

Each season gifts
Our hope to know
Life after death
By letting go

Sign In the Way

Standing before me
In greeting each day
Stands an old tree
A sign in the way

Majestic in nature
Lets rising light through
Faith is its song
From deep root of You

Branches of lyrics
Reach out in praise
Encompassing all
Like Your Son did raise

Seeking the light
Strong through the years
My soul be of growth
Be of which appears