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Two Great Equalizers

Facts of being human
Truths we all do share
Things we have in common
Let’s ponder some right here

Each of us are born
All of us will die
Two great equalizers
To all of us apply

Every soul is loved
And offered grace the same
A choice to be reborn
Eternity to claim

Come share the good news
Our Lord waits patiently
Open the door wide
Embrace Him, joyfully

Inspired by My Pastoral Ponderings

Asking for Prayers

My sister had surgery yesterday to remove 2 brain tumors. Would very much appreciate any prayers for her recovery, Thank you, my friends

Oh Lord today
We turn to You
And may Your grace
Come pouring through

May all our fears
And worries cease
Consumed within
Your gracious peace

Let all the nurses
Love impart
The source of which
Be of Your heart

Show the surgeon
Of Your plans
The guiding of
Be of Your hands

From hearts of here
And of above
A covering
Of all our love

And though it is
So hard to do
Let us repeat
We trust in You

In God’s Hands

A deadline approaching
Work as hard as I can
But there’ll come a point
To leave it in God’s hands

They’re so mean and cruel
I just don’t understand
I’ll pray for their heart
And leave it in God’s hands

In this crazy world
Fear and worry expand
I share His love
And leave it in God’s hands

His way is not our way
He’s got a greater plan
We’ll practice our faith
And leave it in God’s hands

My body will die
For I’m just a man
For my eternal soul
I’ll leave it in God’s hands

Sharing, I Know

I know your deepest self
Be yourself to share
Feel accepting love
That I too dwell in there

I know before you ask
Of your deepest prayer
Let us now rejoice
You bring it to me here

I know how it will be
Of way ahead unknown
Let you grow in faith
To follow light that’s shown

I know eternity
One of heavens view
My gift of previous love
Let me share in it with you

Remnants of Mom’s Home

Hope you’ll pause a moment
Glimpse tulips of new birth
Joy to appreciate
The beauty of this earth

Hope that you will notice
Spring birds that gather ‘round
Practice some compassion
With seed upon the ground

Hope you’ll catch a scent
From stove that will entice
Making of a family
One of self-sacrifice

Hope before your dinner
With Spirit in the air
Grateful for the blessing
To be gathered here

Hope when times are tough
Long for a place to be
You’ll say a little prayer
And find me guiding thee

A Prayer of Trust

We want something today
Desire of our heart
We turn unto You Lord
A prayer we now impart

We give it unto You
In Your hands let it go
Let soul be prepared
If the answer be no

For You know what’s best
You have a greater view
Let us grow in trust
Love is all You do

Acceptance be our grace
Whatever now may be
For when in heavens home
True answer we will see