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Two Voices

Two voices in your head
Struggle for control
The loud voice of the ego
The whisper of the soul

People of the using
Have yourself some fun
Take what you can get
You are number one

People of the binding
Let Gods will be done
Gods’ love of the sharing
Part of a greater One

Self-righteousness or grace
Pride or humility
Heart of fear or faith
Selfish or loving be

When path comes to the end
One day we will see
One leads into the grave
One to eternity

Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder
They sit in the pew
In silent reverence
Adoring of You

Faith of the sharing
Of binding so great
Beyond of this world
Here to contemplate

A stirring of deep
The power of two
One in Your name
The Spirit flows through

Heavenly beauty
On earth here create
You light to this world
Of love radiate