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A Prayer of Silent Union with God

Just sit down and keep
Your back straight but free
Quieting your mind
And quiet your body

Taking some deep breaths
Awareness to begin
On the silent, infinite
Of God’s Presence within

Let the Spirit lead you
The silent realm of seeing
Where God dwells as the source
And grounds your inner being

Center your attention
On the hushed point to find
Within where the human
Touches the divine

Where the branch intersects
With Jesus, the vine
Where you and God are one
Our dwelling to align

Let yourself sink in
To Gods’ immensity
Simply let your prayer
Be a silent, be

No need for thought or word
Let quiet love flow
As long as you feel
Inspired to do so


A Place of Unity

Descending from above
From the left or right
Arising from within
Just beyond our sight

A vision of beauty
A sparkle of light
Written Words wisdom
A whisper of insight

But always of the soul
One of connection be
Where love is the binding
A place of unity

Blessings flow around us
Calling us into
The time of moment still
Of union within You