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Many Unique Ways

Going about my chores
When I caught a glance
As the swallows flew by
And blessed me a dance

Walking to the mailbox
Delivered with delight
For amongst the weeds
A flower shown bright

When I was feeling lonely
Reversal of a gift
A friend reached out to me
Who needed a lift

Feeling exhausted
At the day’s end
A beauty of reflection
In a sunset You send

How wonderful our life
When we have eyes to see
The many unique ways
That God is blessing me

Unique Love

Coming from our heart
Within found when we pray
Each of us is called
To love in a new way

No two be the same
Of God’s love to portray
Through us becomes incarnate
In variety of ways

Passionate or hidden
Or gentleness, convey
Each showing God’s love
In our unique own way

God’s love is so rich
And such a vast display
It takes every soul
Of each so show the way

So, let us each shine
Our light here this day
Sharing of God’s love
In our own special way

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)